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Who's going to be there in 2010

The list below is the provisional entry list for Largo 2010. It is not correlated with official entries and should be used as a rough indication only.

Largo is a small friendly village/club all rolled in together, the event being run in cahoots with the club and the two pubs in town (for catering). This year there appears to be interest from across the fleet and a resurgence of classics. To make getting there or getting your boat there easier please visit the Largo 2010 Logisitics thread on the forum.

More general nationals discussion on the Forum

Fairly nailed on to be there

  1. Davro and Maf in the Pasta Frenzy
  2. Tom and Sarah in Loco
  3. Alex and Tim in Badgers
  4. Stu and Ross in Ronin
  5. Graham and Eddie in Riot Van
  6. Roland and Hayley in Exultant Jubilation
  7. John and Digby in Cheese
  8. Phil A and Carol A
  9. Phil and Sarah in E Numbers
  10. Paul and crew in Atum
  11. Dave in Shiny
  12. Dean and Simon in Eleanor
  13. Chris and Crew in The Antidote to Panel Games
  14. Andy and Jill in Usagi Yojimbo
  15. Howard and Kate in The Cats Whiskers
  16. Will and Lucy in Born Slippy
  17. Neil in Groovejet
  18. Ben in SWW but needs a crew
  19. Adem in Monkey Magic
  20. Ben and crew in The Flying Kipper
  21. James and Nick in Suicide Blonde

We simply don't know

  • Daryl in his Banshee or Forman 8
  • Laurence with Sgt Murphy?
  • Richard in Nautilus or Erik Bloodaxe?
  • Sweet Dreams new owner?
  • Therapy-ists?
  • Malcolm in Fluffy?

Unable to attend

  • Turk and T in Strangely Brown? - Definitely no
  • Rob and Alex in Thunderbird 4 - Boat still in kit form.
  • Ewan says no - has to be in Englandshire for some important event.
  • Flat Stanley with new owner?
  • Comfortably Numb
  • Dan in his Banshee

If we have forgotten anyone - sorry! Please edit (same login as the forum) or PM MK or Born Slippy.

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