Dave Roe design with input from Kevin Ellway. Name sourced from “BistroMathics” in “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams. The first Bistro was Dave’s own Norwegian Blue, and was an immediate success. A female mould was flopped of Norwegian Blue by Wiz Deas. He built 2641 and 2642 out of this mould. Biffa Baker built 2647 out of the mould for Graham Dickenson. Many other Bistros were built off Dave’s original building jig. The mould was also used for several amateur boats and destroyed in the building of the last of these by inadequate release agent.

Very influential flat low rocker design. quite fine V bows, moderate beam, low rocker and rise of floor. A breakthrough design and faster than anything before in almost all conditions. The first Bistro, Norwegian Blue, won several successive National Championships, numerous major UK handicap events, and was the top UK boat in the 1996 World Championships.

Boats built to this design
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