This site has been located on the Sailing Source since the middle of 1995, and is probably one of the longest running Class Association sites! It has changed over the years. Originally it was intended as a reference site for the casually interested and occasional browser to get a feel for the boats and the mind set that makes people like to sail, build, and design them. I hope that still applies. Class (Unofficial) Rule 1 - Have Fun!

However with time its developed, and there are now significant sections on home boatbuilding and design, the history of the class, and now areas where members update their own areas with narratives about their own experiences. If there are other things you'd like to see in these pages let us know and we'll see what we can do. The material has developed over the years, but the foundation was a Class handout put together in the mid 80s by, I think, Will Perret, for which much thanks. Old newsletters have been raided, various people round the world emailed and contributions come from many other sources. Those who have helped out have, I hope, been credited in the various articles.

About the Service Provider Space provided by, for which much thanks.

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