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Rudder gantry

Started by ross_burkin, March 26, 2008, 10:11:35 PM

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What do they do exactly? Talking pre T-foils hear. The only thing I can think of is that they keep most of the tiller out of the boat giving the helm more room.
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Stuart Hopson

Surely if that was the case you would have a shorter tiller  ???


Basically that's it: Ergonomics. With the single wire boats especially.


I think it can sometimes help with balance as  the rudder contributes towards the center of lateral resistance.

Phil Alderson

It is largely ergonomics, giving you more space in the boat. Also you are increasing the distance between the CB and the rudder which gives the rudder more authority and the boat less twitchy. This is more important on boats that have the CB quite far back.

I almost expect gantries to get shorter and shorter now with the use of the T-foil as it gets the lift more under the boat.

On another note does anyone want a solid purple gantry. I removed one from Primal when I rebuilt and it is on its way to the skip at the moment.
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Maybe me! If its worth adding one to FS and it's not to heavy...
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That's funny, I was thinking the gantry would become longer with the T-foil  :-X.

Actually by moving back the gantry and the T-Foil you increase the lever.


As i understand it moving the rudder back and mounting it on a gantry allows
1) more space for the helm and crew in the cockpit
2) more leverage and less twitchness due to the increased distance between the CB and rudder
3) the helm to get back over the transom without the angle of the tiller and extension becoming to small( making steering twitchy again).

with the t foil you want to get the helm's weight over the foil otherwise the boat will become quite nosey.
so the gantry wants to be shorter to support more of the weight of the boat and the helm.