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optimal weight for sailing cherub
« on: October 13, 2010, 10:23:28 AM »
My name is Hans, I live in the netherlands and I am sailing Topper ISO for several years now. .
By accident I saw the 2663 for sale on "boats and outboards" and thought. .  looks good, Is this my next step in skiff sailing?? might be.
I am 46 years, 83 kg, my crew 74 kg, same age.
How does the cherub compare to ISO (ok, it is half the weight, but smaller sails)
We are able to sail the ISO quite ok, though not sailing always in front of the fleet :) .
Are we too heavy for sailing competitive in a cherub? (We are too heavy for 29er).  I dont like submarines :)
We 're thinking about a swap to rs800 or something alike.  I14 is quite radical.
What is design weight (and age :) ) for a cherub? I think the class in Holland is as non existent as it is with the ISO, but I saw you are sailing nationals (also europeans on lake garda??) So we might have to come over now and then

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Re: optimal weight for sailing cherub
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2010, 12:46:12 PM »
The competitive crew weight range for an 2005 rules Cherub is about 120kg to 160kg with the top pairs beings about 130-150.  You are nearer the upper end but would still be competitive with a stiff mast and max sail area. Boats in 97 rules trim perform best across the wind range with crew weights of 110Kg -140Kg.

Cherubs do not generally perform well in light winds but above 8 knots of wind they will plane around the course. 

There a lot of power can be found from the 2005 rules rig so you will be fine with this. 
The boat rewards technique and sailing skill and crews at the heavier end of the range can easily overcome the weight penalty with good crew work.

We would love to see you at events next year and you will be welcome to join our nationals.