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Congratulations to the new owner of 2661

Started by roland_trim, October 12, 2010, 10:46:32 PM

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2661 has been sold, does anyone out there know who to?


I texted the former owner to ask. No reply yet.


hi i am new to cherubs and this forum but interested to see this question since i bought 2661 yesterday.  i am under a lot of pressure from my family to pull out of the deal as they think i am on a boat buying spree at the moment and it was a spur of the moment purchase.  the more i find out about the cherub, the more i want to get into sailing one and this website/association feels like a very friendly forum too.  i have only just recovered from a serious brain injury i sustained while kite-surfing 4 years ago and am making up for lost time. , my family are also concerned whether i would be able to handle such a high performance boat as a cherub.  any advice would be much appreciated, thanks jason
there but for the grace of god go i


Congratulations - by reports you have a very nice Bistro.

Hayley had never sailed and thought I knew my way around a boat when we bought our first Cherub a few years back. Yes there are some twitchy moments as you get started. You do need to be able and prepared to swim, you will gain some fitness and possibly find the early outings very tiring.

The offers from those here to sail with you to get you into the boat are very genuine. If you are west country (ish) we would be happy to join you  (either in the boat, in a rib or in another Cherub). Either way I would strongly recommend the sticky weekend the weekend after next as a way to meet some of the class!


Welcome to the class. Bistros won everything for quite a few years ending in about 1993. They are a great starter boat.

Do come to the sticky weekend and bring the boat if you can - experienced hands will give it the once over as long as it is not hailing/snowing/etc.

There is usually free kippability in the workshop and low-cost curry based foodstuffs on the Saturday night.

See you there!


PS Lucy and I have just had a baby - Edward is his name. This is rather interfering with cherubic activity but currently we do plan to make an appearance at the sticky weekend.



I joined the class in 2007 and can certainly say the Cherub class is closer to being a family than a class association. My first face to face contact with the class was a sticky weekend like this.

If you bring your boat there will be plenty of help to rig it (If this is of help), tune it and point out any areas that need attention.  We can certainly help with any questions you may have and you can help with some of the other projects if you are interested.

If this doesn't fit your calander Join us for a sail, get together.  If you ask help will be given.