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non cherub related boat bimbling exercise

Started by Tim Noyce, March 10, 2008, 10:20:11 PM

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Tim Noyce

Does anyone have an old 600 mast or something similar laying about which they don't currently have a use for. I am thinking of a bit of a plan regarding one of the Hartley Laminates boat range which requires a taller mast, a trapeze and a more exciting sail plan.

Failing this, a contender mast would also work, be it tin, or carbon. Maybe a sail too. Open to ideas. I'm not used to having to pay for boat equipment so the cheaper the better!

I shall keep the idea under wraps for now, but with some tinkering we may have ourselves a fun toy!  ;D


Tim Noyce

quite possibly something along those lines  ::)


NO! Give any carbon masts to me!

Talking of carbon masts, an 800 mast has "broken" at the club. If it's an insurance job is it worth having? The fact that 800 masts have been used in multiple Cherubs, but not as masts, suggests that it is a bad idea.
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Serious plannage in the works...


Depends how and where it has broken.  An RS800 mast is heavy, and rather shockingly constructed when you chop one up.

That said, as a "put it on the boat and go sailing" mast it's fine, everything is in the right place and it's an easy conversion job.  The Spanish Inquisition or whatever she is called now has one and it seems to work fine and put up with plenty abuse.

If you do have it I may have some bits of internal sleeve and a short length of mast ready to go if you need them to glue it back together.


I have a 29erxx mast c/w rig for sale if thats any use