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provenance of 1029
« on: March 01, 2008, 06:51:06 AM »

It seems my search for the provenance of my old darling has brought me abroad from Sydney.
Do you know anything about this boat, or someone who might?
If you do would you be so kind to post here

I'm asking here because it's been suggested the sail number (1029) is probably a UK number.

Appears to be a Spencer 7 design; all wooden hull and deck, wooden centreboard, wooden tiller & rudder, wooden mast & boom & wooden spinnaker pole. 1x mainsail, 1x jib, 1x kite. Fibreglass bones.
Unknown date of build, unknown name.
It has two chevrons on the mainsail, why I do not know.

Known History:
My mother purchased it for my younger brother sometime during the late 1970's. The best my memory will serve is 1977. He quickly lost interest in it but I took it over. We never raced it, nor did we register it but we had a ball for about 4 years until I moved out of home and left it in the garage. At some stage dad put it into the yard and covered it a tarp. Unfortunately, shortly afterward I discovered larger boats and women and university. Again the boat was moved. I managed to save it but only after the deck had suffered some weathering. Since then it's been stored undercover in a cool dry place out of harms way. It hasn't been in the water for about 25 years.

The kit is mostly complete (see above description), but it would some work on the deck. The hull looks sound, there is no rot that I can find nor has anything sprung. The bow had suffered a collision sometime prior to 1977 but was repaired well enough. There's also a patch amidships, that was repaired before we took it over.
The mast needs stripping back and varnishing. Most of the rigging is there. Most of the sheets all seem strong and in good nick. The travellers and other bolt-ons including foot straps are all okay. All the sails are in great condition. Mind you, they're originals.
They're be a fair amount of TLC and cash required to get her back in tip top condition.
No trailer. (Dad tossed it out ages ago)

Who built her and where?
Who were her owners?
Where was she registered?
What was her original name?
Did she win any races?

I wouldn't mind introducing my son (10) and daughter (14) into sailing and this old girl might be the ticket. But, she might be better off in a museum or other collection rather than in the water.


After a bit of a wash...

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Re: provenance of 1029
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2008, 07:36:30 AM »
Hi Wayfarer,

What an excellent story: I think your boat has many happy sailing miles to go!

Sorry to disappoint though: The UK numbers stop at 1025 and restart at 1361. I've just been through the big old folder to check.

1025 was measured in july 1967 and was Chris Forman's own boat, designed by him too and called 'Little Extra'. 1361 belonged to Paul Webb, was a spencer design and was first measured in July 1967 too and was called "Rumour".

My guess is that the number belonged to some other country. More senior members will be able to recognise the design I should think.


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Re: provenance of 1029
« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2008, 12:08:59 PM »
Thanks Will_Lee.
It's good to eliminate the idea she's from the UK.

Any further hints on the exact design reference would be great; especially if someone has plans lying around :)


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Re: provenance of 1029
« Reply #3 on: March 02, 2008, 06:29:27 PM »
Hello Wayfarer

What a lovely looking boat. There seems to be a real trend for Dads & offspring using the older boats to get into sailing here too, so I'd definitely say sail it, don't put her in a musem!

Check out 'Wandrous', 'Huckle the Maroi Hunter', 'No Sweat', Aggro'  and 'Prodigal Son' :

Have fun