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Joining Whitstable

Started by MK, July 19, 2010, 01:54:11 PM

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I will be studying at KCL from september and getting my priorities in order need to sort out a place to sail the SK4, I have read all the new membership details on the Whitstable website and just wanted to ask a few things, firstly, if two people would be kind enough to propose and second me becoming a member please  :)

Pending enough of you like me to risk putting your name on my application i was wondering how the boat space measurements work, is it extreme dimensions, including rudder stocks and retracted spinnaker pole, or back of wings to front of snout?

And finally, during january and feb it says there is no racing and the boat area cleared, is there any way to not have to move ones boat as i'm not sure it will fit in my uni accomodation...


I suggest directing your enquiry at the club, they will be best positioned to answer your questions.

Mel is the Club Manager, she's really helpfull. The office number is 01227 272942


Of course we will prop you, and someone else wil second you.

Dimensions are 'the size of an on-the-beach rectangle into which the boat will fit'. It is banded, so it makes no difference to use whether we include the gantry or not.

If masts are down boats may stay on the beach. Tie it down well though!


I'll second you , and as Will says boats can be left on the beach with masts down.