Last event if the series - Plymouth Final Fling - 14/15th of October

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Started by MK, September 30, 2009, 05:56:28 PM

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For those of you who don't already know i have just started at UCL, and am now living in Kentish Town, so should hopefully be more about to get to events and random london building sessions


Watch out for prdeatory older students who will buy you drinks and then take advantage.


Watch out for engineers who offer to take you for lunch as you are studying 100m from their office.

When they are in London


you've changed since your student days Will  ;D


I am sure you don't really think it's me.

It is braindead-random-behaviour-generator/satirical-genius Andy Lang.

Just for Maf, here is the most excellent link in the world.


Save yourself a lot of money and get a bike. I spend nearly £200 a month on travel and I don't even travel a lot.
2675 Fuzzy Logic  97/05 rules

Serious plannage in the works...


What? Cherub Pasta Night

Where? Pasta Plus, 62 Eversholt Street, NW1 1DA

When? Thursday, 7th October. 6pm