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Tragedy at Kielder

Started by Will_Lee, July 14, 2009, 09:11:16 AM

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Dear All,

It was reported in the press this morning there was a death at Kielder Water last weekend.

I have just spoken to Viola Scott, Rear Commodore of the club and longstanding friend of the class.

Tragically the story is true: A Laser 2 being sailed by a father and daughter capsized. He sadly died and she is seriously ill in hospital.

It is wrong to speculate about what happened: The Marine Accident Investigation Branch is there at the moment.

Our thoughts are with all our friends at Kielder Water at this difficult time.


Not a nice thing to happen at truely lovely club.

Banshee Ambulance

Such a tragedy. Lets hope the RYA and the The Marine Accident Investigation Branch can come up with something to reduce the risks of such a terrible accident happening again. In the mean time our thoughts are with the friends and family who have suffered such a loss.