Last event if the series - Plymouth Final Fling - 14/15th of October

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Congratulations Mr and Mrs Sims

Started by Tim Noyce, March 31, 2009, 08:52:37 AM

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Tim Noyce

Congratulations to fellow Cheruber Gav and his new wife Sarah who got married this weekend in sunny Wales! They're currently Honeymooning in Vietnam and Cambodia and somewhere else I probably can't pronounce correctly (and definitely not spell!)


Whey hey!

Congrats to the Sims!

Picture! Picture!

Tim Noyce

I didn't go to the service so don't have one. Will see what I can conjure up though!

Tim Noyce

Ps. Gav did have his hair cut specially for the occasion for the first time in 13 years.... AND had a shave. I had to look twice before I realised it was him!


Phil Alderson

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Tim Noyce

I've not seen that video since the Bala weekend. That was windy!

In that video the t-foil is in 'spoiler' mode as we had just lost the tiller extensions and gearbox out of the tiller so we borrowed laser extension so we could get back out on the water. You can see the white caps out the front of the bow as we are caning downwind. Awesome!


Mr & Mrs Sims, we wish you all the best. Many congratulations.

Tim did the second link work for you? I can't get it to work here, but I understand it contains probably the funniest Cherub footage I've ever seen  ;D

Tim Noyce

It is working now. It was listed as 'private' initially, and judging by the content for good reason!!


Congratulations Mr and Mrs Sims!

Will we be seeing another husband and wife team on the Cherub circuit this year?

Tim Noyce

Ok, I have a photo! Stolen from facebook and not very professional so I hope no one minds!

I've not posted the photo as a photo or it appears hugely on the homepage and I don't think anyone wants that.


Laos is surely the easiest to spell, Timmy.