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Guess the cherubbers....

Started by Tim Noyce, December 03, 2008, 06:47:03 PM

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Tim Noyce

Stumbled across this classic photo earlier... Can anyone guess who it is in it?!


Tim Noyce

Ben Howett

Sod the cherubbers, I want to know whos trimming that kite!


Tim Noyce

Matt doesn't look any different... apart from obviously now being 7 foot tall!

As promised, I will now post a funny picture of me as a nipper...

Me on the left (yes, with blonde hair!) and my bro on the right. Car conniseurs out there will notice the mint 1300cc MG Metro, and boat enthusiasts will be interested in the weapon that was Mirror 50984.

Tom K

Looking good Timmy! Your brothers shorts are nearly as flash as my brothers life jacket!


I should of guessed you are a bottle brunette!


Well that photo was from my first time doing the round the island, and here is a version from my latest last weekend, the 13th consecutive!


You now look like you have outgrown the boat!
Did you have a good Race?


13 consecutive Islands, impressive, you haven't even changed the kite! and on the same tack that's some wind shift.

A blonde Tim!  I was waiting for Tinner to chime in on the erhem...collar and cuffs thing.  You could get a serious dose of camel toe from those shorts though, he's probably scared for life.


Quote from: rich_taylor on June 26, 2010, 08:26:27 PM
you haven't even changed the kite!

Boat built in 1988, Sails bought in 1988, nothing changed from then until now! So a good race considering, we were 79th overall