Last event if the series - Plymouth Final Fling - 14/15th of October

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Started by MonacoCherub, October 13, 2022, 08:15:49 AM

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Dear all,
So the leaves are turning brown and it is time to review the build plan for the winter.

Right now I have a few too many options. So thought I'd share a bit here.


1) The safety boat

We don't really use safety cover. But having a boat to float about and look like it is helping means that the local police and coast guard are not called by the local top-less sunbathers. These are well intentioned 70-90 year old ladies with increadible long distance sight. So far the Cherub fleet have 0 call outs, but the club cats are on blue light N3 of the year and the kite surfers banned.

The UK imported RIB didn't survive the last blast. The glue all melted, anyone wanting to hear a funny story - ask Ollie M at the next event.

So "Big Hilda VI" has been comissioned. A 5.5m fishing boat that cost E400 and is a bit alarmed to have the 60HP rib outboard slung on the back. J and I alowed ourselves 2 working days on the cosmetics of this boat. After that we launched it. It did not sink. However, it also does not like the throttle more than about 5% without me hanging off the bow.
So jobs to do here are
A) Wedges for the outboard
B)Move the outboard up on the transom
C) Stickers D) Reinforce the squidy deck
E)Fit an electric whinch to the trailer for less noisy recovery (chain hoist + Sunbathers = Unhappy Granny)

Once it works and we are happy to invest a bit to the idea
F) DSC Radio
G) Fit sound system and fishing rod holders for J (later)
H) Leisure battery and auto charger switch


2) The active boats

Born Slippy and Magic Monkey are on the beach with Rig Tension on kites in sock. Ready to launch 5 minutes after I arrive at the beach. Pocket Rocket is in the driveway

All need cosmetic work.

Born Slippy's primer white has not liked the Sun exposure
Magic is still blotchy from the bow replacement 2 years ago
Pocket is suffering from being used

Action Planned before next blast
- Sail it. Sail it. Sail it


3) Strangely Brown

Truely one of the best boats we have here. A total full on boat to sail in wind and waves.
Only her original sails fit her - and they are now almsot beyond service

The mast is about the same posiition as Born Slippy, but the forestay and top spreaders are really low. In addition the mast has been extended at the tip by about 300mm. The mast is lovely - I think a Home made Gav/Simon special?

Stump the mast 400mm and cut off the top. Adjust the shrouds and gooseneck. Fit the same sails as BornSlippy


4) Dangerous Strawberry
On roof of shed. Needs paint and to work out where the miracle that is DavRo got to. Boat is super light, super stiff and unlike I ever remember her being since 2006.

I will keep the mast as is and stu's requests for compatability for the 12 rigs (that are still in the UK). However, for the sails we have here - the mast is too floppy

- Shed
- Primer, Paint
- Fittings
- Stump Born Slippy's old mast and adjsut shrouds to suit


5) Squid
I'll post a picture of the triple stacker - when I can work out how to upload.

Safe to say that Squid is not suffering from UV exposure. Also that the brambles that cover her will cause less injury than lifting her there (never carry squid wearing shorts or a shirt you wish to remain in one piece).

1) Chainsaw weeds
2) Lift to ground level
4) Make trolley

Writing this is cathartic, it also helps me plan. The unexpected thing here is that I can do this sanding away from the shed. Especially as I am now using a battery powered random Orbital.  Maybe she is pulled out of the weeds sooner and then attacked on sunny days. Wil look to find a new home, maybe hang her from a tree


6 Rossa
Where my heart is. Cherub racing with the fleet

For me the nationals was frankly a disaster. 2 sails in 5 knots was no preparation for a full on regatta. I remain eternally thankful for Ade for putting his arse on a wire and Kevin for bravely getting to the start line on the following days.

We showed 2 occasions of great speed upwind. Starting one race with the 4k's and not being last to the 1st mark. On another occasion Kevin asking why we were not heading back to the comittee boat for a start and not realising the boats we were sailing over were racing. However, this is zero if your trap lines snap, the kite does not deploy or your team work leaves you swimming at the corners.

The new mast is great. Appears stiffer than the C-Tec on Poppy, holds the head fantastically and still in one piece after towing through a golf ball hale storm and then getting beaten up in the waves. It is not pretty though. The wire rigging is a total mess. It was a prototype and has proved the concept. The plan for this has to be to make the next one (quicker and chepaer than making C1 pretty).

I will also follow through and put this boat up for sale. Sale price and logistics to include a completion session by Andy at Fluid.

Actions if I race it again:
- V2 mast
- V2 CB
- Finish pole cap
- For the 2023 nationals, need this boat on the water and sailing regularly by January

Actions if sold:
- Cosmetic tidy up
- New C-Tec mast, boom and sprit
- Full new set of sails by Lennon
- New board/case by Fluid
- Full Maffioli rope set


Sorry for the brain dump. Selfishly it helps me :-)

As you can see I will have a busy few months in the shed.  Luckily I am also very busy with work so the two will balance nicely

Looking forward to seeing any of you who fancy a break from the cold. Promise is that any visitor is banned from boatwork, but welcome to drink tea and more than welcome to take a boat off the beach for a blast

Jimmy Rudd

Wow Roland, sound slike you've got a lot of entertaining weekends of work ahead. Look forward to seeing the progress.
EJ has a reasonable list, some more necessary than others and hopefully some easy and quick updates too;
T foil splicing control line.
Chock/ angle cunno and kicker cleats.
Squash balls on spinnaker ratchets.
Shorter spinnaker sheets
Shorter, thinner halyard 5mm?
Top part on spinnaker cleat so it’s more likely to naturally go into cleat.
Remove friction in spinni system, check blocks.
Kite is trying to get out the throat in one big bunch? Needs spreading out.
Deck grip? Removal of hearts? (Crew concern 🤣)
Main sheet ratchet splice on properly. Maybe 3 new ratchet blocks.
Preventing spinnaker sheets going round rack. Bungeed dyneema from rack end to jib track.
Diamond adjustment add shackle for rope to run through without getting cut in the centre of the block.
Jib track end stop, key rings caught in cart. New pins? Smaller key rings?
Stop spinni pole coming out of the sleeve on the bottom of kite sock and getting stuck out.
Main sail prefeeder.
Pube packing rudder and daggerboard.
Progrip - racks by shroud adjusters and old control line chocks.
Bow repair, trolley damage.
Trolley cradle protection/ new bow cradle/ locator.

If I eventually get a weekend a free I'll be making a start, all welcome to come and help  ;D
EJ 3206


Quote from: MonacoCherub on October 13, 2022, 08:29:55 AM
4) Dangerous Strawberry
However, for the sails we have here - the mast is too floppy

The Tropical Engineering mast?  (pre-preg, female mould, integral luff track).


Gav, sorry for the late reply. Just seen this.
Will take a photo tomorrow (of boat and the mast)