Author Topic: FOR SALE - 05 Mainsail and Kite  (Read 3477 times)

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FOR SALE - 05 Mainsail and Kite
« on: July 05, 2020, 10:24:10 PM »
A mainsail and kite to the 05 rules both in good condition.  Purchased for Mango by the previous owner in the south of France who I believe sailed predominately singlehanded.  They have not been used since the boat has returned to Wales. 

The main appears to have a panel replaced at the head as the laminate is of a different type to the surrounding panels.
Luff - 5.68m
Leech - 5.65m
Foot - 2.28m
Head flat top - 0.65m
Eyelet at head

The kite has had a taped and sewn repair near the foot
Luff - 8.055m
Leech - 6.215m
Foot - 3.78m
3x downhaul patches

Located in Pembrokeshire at present.  Willing to package up suitable for a courier.  Alternatively, I'm "relatively" close to Mumbles and could drop off for the Nats if it goes ahead.

e-mail - [email protected]