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Hi, I have had some time on my hands recently and have been searching out old boats I used to own (sad I know). Back in the 80s owned 2 cherubs one was 2114 and the other was 2610 (I think) which was named Charlie Don't Surf at the time. I just wondered if these old girls are still around and if anyone has any pics?

Thanks in advance


Neil C.:
Hi Tony,

Reminiscing and attachment to old boats is a sign of being a proper sailor.

I sailed Cherubs fairly actively on the open meeting circuit and various national championships from 1990 through to the late 2000's. Sail number 2610 would have been built around mid-1980's by my guesstimate.

Unfortunately I have no recollection of encountering either of those boats along the way. That's not to say they couldn't have been happily club sailing in some corner of the UK though. Where did you last sail them?

Hi, I've spoken to Richard Butler who remembers sailing against 2610 when he first owned 2601. We've been looking through some old cherub magazines of his and found that 2610 was a Murray, and at one point was called Jones & Jones. Does that ring a bell Tony?

Neil C.:
I also have a list of Cherub boat names suggesting 2610 was at some point named "Fawlty Tacks".

2114 is listed as being called "B-B", whatever that means.

Hi Tony,

Many many moons ago I owned 2610 for a short period.

As a 15 year old I remember reading an article in Y&Y magazine "The fastest thing on 12feet" written by Jim C. It was an absolutely brilliant and fascinating article comparing the two fasted Cherubs of the time, the legend that is Flat Stanley and the newly built Johnny Fartpants. It was a great read if anyone can find a copy.

I was hooked and decided to buy my first boat and purchased 2610 from a guy, who's name I don't remember but was somewhere near Birmingham for £500 if my memory is correct. Quite ambitious bearing in mind not only was the Cherub my first boat but I'd never even helmed a dinghy beforehand!!!!

OliverG and Richard Butler are correct. She was a standard Iain Murray design built by Dick Jarrett...….sister ship to Will Perret's boat 2609. The info I had was that she was originally owned by Nick Mason who christened the boat Charlie Don't Surf.

To say it was a steep learning curve at the time would be an understatement!! We raced at the 1989 nationals at Seasalter SC and most Opens that year. During that time Eurosport had begun to show a few 18ft Skiff races from Oz with boats like Prudential, Xerox and Ella Bache competing. At the time there was a boat sponsored by Jones & Jones which was always last and always upside down. Some of the fleet, Davro, Guy Lewington and the Cope Bros to name a few started refering to us as the Jones & Jones boys and the name seemed to stick!!

In the winter of 89/90 we converted the boat to assymetric kite and spent much of 1990 trying to learn how to sail the boat eventually turning up at the 1990 Nationals in Torquay. We were going well until we broke the mast!! Try finding Jim C's report from the 1990 Nationals. Very funny read.

Unfortunately not long after I had to sell the boat and have no record of where she went but sadly I fear she probably ended up as fire wood..............

I might have some photos lying around somewhere, I'll try to dig them out. Sorry I can't be of any help as to where she is now.



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