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Shiny new owner
« on: July 28, 2021, 02:41:56 PM »
Hi everyone,

Like, I expect, many of us here of a certain age, I got hooked by the idea of Cherubing thanks to Jim Champ's excellent Stanley vs. Fartpants piece in Yachts & Yachting, then sustained by visits to the dinghy show.

I briefly owned 2303, The Cat's Whiskers, in the early 90's. My brother and I were offered it in quite a sorry state after it had been on the beach at Seaford SC for a while. We gave it a modest tinker; new sails, new SuperSpars 9ft pole, new ropes & fittings, before we had to sell it to pay for everything. :(

I crewed in Catananche with Andy Easton at the New Quay nationals in 2005. Light winds meant an uncomfortable week largely bobbing about at sub-light speeds; still good fun though.

I can remember going for a quick blast one time with Paul Croote in Cheese at Draycote.

Speaking of Draycote, I've just bought Shiny from Jamie Pearson and will be keeping her there and teaching my kids (I have a light-air child and a medium-air child) to sail.

No towbar at the moment but hope to be hitting the events circuit at some point in the future and look forward to catching up with some of you and meeting many more of you for the first time.

Thanks to Andy Paterson for building such a great, strong boat, and to all previous owners for keeping her in shape.

See you on the water, Haden

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Re: Shiny new owner
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2021, 09:09:22 PM »
welcome back

glad to hear that shiny is going to be continuing in good hands

based in derbyshire myself, and make semi regular trips down to draycote or grafham for a blast in king tubby so will no doubt see you around
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Re: Shiny new owner
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2021, 10:18:47 PM »
Thanks Martyn

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Re: Shiny new owner
« Reply #3 on: August 26, 2021, 02:19:24 PM »
Welcome back to the fleet Haden  ;D