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I have rescued what I think is a cherub, can anyone help to identify??


Hi there, I have rescued a plywood racing dinghy from a pile of firewood. I have been told it's a cherub. It needs some work and has no rig whatsoever. I have some photos but not sure how to post them on here, Any advice or help would be appreciated.


It's great to have a boat saved from the bonfire, good luck with the restoration project.

The mast, spinnaker pole and foils from your new boat (749?) are on Ebay:
Those are probably the best bet for for the boat as they'll fit without too much modification.

Alternatively, I've heard in the 80s some cherubs used proctor 420 masts for their rigs. If you could find and 420 mast off a dead boat for free that would be ideal. A 420 main and jib would fit that mast and would get you started.

Thanks Oliver G...yes 749..."Scrummy"...from westcliff...Unbelieveable finding those, well done my friend...As an ebay addict, I can't believe I didn't look...))


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