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Thinking of buying a Cherub!!!

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Hi all,
I’m Shane and I grew up sailing fireballs and 505’s as both helm and crew – lots of experience – although been out of it many years now in favour of kitesurfing.

Basically asking opinions to see if a cherub might suit myself and my 12 year old son. He has only very basic Oppie experience and is showing interest in trapeze boats.
Would something like a 97 cherub be a bit too much for a beginner youngster to learn basic 2 handed sailing?

Obviously I wouldn’t take him out in a F5 and throw him out on the wire with the kite up, (for both our sakes!) ;D
but as a boat to learn basic trapezing and helming in lighter winds, with a few good offwind, 2 sail runs, to show the excitement factor, do you think it would be stable enough – or simply be too much and put him off?

We live in South Wales and I see Major Tom 2661 is for sale quite nearby – so I’m currently eyeing that out as price is within budget. 
My plan would be to find a crew and get to as many meetups so I can learn the boat – while teaching my son on lighter wind days.

Would love to hear your feedback!

Hi Shane,
Welcome to the forum. My advice would be to see if someone will take you out for a sail in one and then you can decide for yourself. I would help out there but I am a bit far from you. You might want to try the guys at Chew Valley or Thornbury. Cherubs are "tippy" there is no denying that but they are light and responsive and there are plenty of youngsters who sail in them. The 97 rules rig is a great way to enter the class. I am sure someone nearer by than me will be along in a bit to offer you a chance to sail in a cherub before you take the plunge.


Tim Noyce:
Hey Shane,

I regrettably have my 97 rules Cherub up for sale at the moment as the fact that I've got a pair of 3 year old twins means that I don't have time to sail it and I'd really like to see it in the hands of someone keen and active!

I seem to have failed to actually put any photos up of it on the advert on the Cherub website, but I'll include a link here to my facebook advert if you're interested.

It's a fast and well known boat (even if it has been in hiding in recent years!)

Re: Thinking of buying a Cherub!!!

"Do it :-) "

Ive got a 97 Bistro design, and although bias i wouldn't say it was tippy at all, sailed it with my wife plenty and our previous experience was RS visions and Laser 2ks.

Having said that its not a easy boat to sail at 5 out of 10 its really a send it sort of boat, we often just 2 sail it though without issues. The jib purchase systems are low load so it should be ok for the wee man and likewise with the helm too, but the mainsheet can be hard work like wise when it gets windy the kite isnt small but i expect you know better than I what hes capable  of.  They are great boats to trapeze off so I would strongly recommend that also the skills you learn if your interested in a bit of DIY maintenance is very valuable and no doubt will help the wee one if they stick at it as they get older.


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