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Hi Does anyone know this years published handicap I am sailing of 908 which seems a little harsh

908 is the current figure. The fleet of 97 rules boats at Largs seems to be less active which has brought it down. There are a number of clubs where the local calculation works out in the high 800s.

Warning, the class is at risk of dropping off the published list. You guys need to sail more and make sure your clubs are making returns. There were next to no returns in 2015. If your club isn't making a return then why not volunteer to help them? If people want to know about their own club you can PM me.

We are off 890 at QM.  On Sunday in a mixed W/L asymetric fleet we can hold our own against mainly club sailors.  On Wednesday evenings we get absolutely spanked by the lasers, 400's and virtually anything else.  In our 200 we are always in the top 3 (so it isn't us....)

I thought the RYA PY was 920?


--- Quote from: andy_peters on May 20, 2016, 12:29:35 PM ---I thought the RYA PY was 920?
--- End quote ---
It was in 2015...

Clive Everest:
Your all welcome to come to HISC one weekend to help show that 778 is a bit tricky.
It was 760 but they agreed to move it back up.


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