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Hi there

Started by scorpion_1925, August 26, 2016, 11:39:33 PM

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After many years of meaning to I've finally got round to joining the forum. For years since I was a kid I looked longingly at cherubs always stopping for a look and a chat at the dinghy show. Now finally the time has come and I'm ready to bite the bullet and buy a boat.

I'm looking for a single wire assymetric boat. If possible I'd really like to avoid a wooden one because I already have two wooden boats ( scorpion and international moth)  that take up far too much maintenance time. I don't mind if it's a restoration project as I'm quite happy to fix things.
If in doubt flat out


Hi welcome along.

Your looking for wait we commonly refer to as a 97rules boat.

I believe there is or shortly will be a couple around in various conditions.  Where abouts are you based?

Looking forward to seeing you on the race course soon.

Madge 2646


I'm in Derbyshire at staunton harold Sailing club
If in doubt flat out

ade white

Hi, not far from me. I am in Nottingham (Ruddington) and have owned a few Cherubs. Currently Fuzzy Logic is in build in my workshop. I know of a few boats for sale. Andy is thinking of parting with 'Eva-decks-off' which would be a great first step into the fleet. And there are others.
We do a lot of meets at Draycote so have a look at the Midlands Posse thread and Jamie will also be able to give you  load of gen. Feel free to pop over if you want to see the currant Fuzz build. Cheers, Ade.
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I have a few boats marked on my list as for sale, please get in touch with me if
1. You are looking for a cherub.
Or 2. Looking to sell on your cherub  :(


I am looking at getting into the cherub class (currently a 420 sailor),  I am in South West Wales do you know of any 97 rules boats for sale in my area?
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Drat - I've just towed Loco up to Draycote.

On the plus side - Loco is at draycote - she's 05'ed but also has a single wire rig...


Does anyone know the situation with Fubar? Does she still live at Neyland?

I think there might be a pimped Forman 8 in a garage somewhere in South Wales too.

Tim Noyce

Fubar is in Pembs still... but in lots of pieces!


As in furbar is disassembled or broken?
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