Author Topic: Singlehanded, one sail Cherub?! Mad idea?  (Read 7527 times)

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Singlehanded, one sail Cherub?! Mad idea?
« on: November 19, 2015, 10:36:58 AM »
Hi folks,

Forum newbie here. I'm Steve White currently helming a Solution and crewing an X1 at Leigh and Lowton SC. I'm 59, 80kgs, 5'10", pretty fit for my age apart from very dodgy knees, very experienced dinghy helm and crew. I've been swapping emails with Andy at Bloodaxe about converting an older N12 to a one-sail singlehander. He suggested modding a Cherub. Sort of thing in my mind would be;

Easy to sail singlehanded, preferable without trapeze. Mainsail size adjusted to suit.
Carbon rig ideally, although not essential at this stage.
Easy to sail in shifty winds on an inland puddle.
One sail, since I only have one pair of hands!
Deep, sit-in cockpit rather than a sit-on dish design.
No kneeling or squatting - my knees are shot from all the kneeling in the Solution (and Aero 7).
Nothing extreme - I don't want a nose-diving, water-borne wrestling match each time I go sailing!
Something sweet-natured, simple, cheap, durable and interesting, that frees my mind to concentrate on windshifts, and avoiding collisions in a mixed handicap fleet.

Something similar to Peanuts in the classified section, maybe. I wouldn't want to start modding that particular boat which appears to be an important in the Cherub's history. Something similar, budget of £1000 ish. Is this feasible? Is this desirable??

In truth, I'm not an especially "techy"/engineering/DIY sailor. Putting up shelves is a bit of a challenge for me. Any necessary boat mods would be done by somebody who knows one end of a screwdriver from the other, so I'd be looking to keep such work to a minimum.

All ideas and suggestions most welcome.



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Re: Singlehanded, one sail Cherub?! Mad idea?
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2015, 10:23:25 AM »
Cherub hulls tend to be all about planing, and without a trapeze or other righting moment enhancement you're really going to struggle to get upwind well. They're nice to wire singlehanded, but then really that's a Farr 3.7.