Last event if the series - Plymouth Final Fling - 14/15th of October

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Nationals Crew and Boat Search

Started by admin, July 21, 2008, 09:14:37 PM

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There are some people with boats that need crews to sail at the Nationals and if you are interested in crewing please post some details here and we can try and get as many entries possible.

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Banshee Ambulance


I have a boat but possibly no crew and cirtainly no way of getting the boat down there. If anyone can help then please get in touch.

Tim Noyce

Had Ratface / Ross not offered to get it down there for you? If people could ask potential young talent at their club if they are willing to sail and possibly offer them a lift to Devon I am sure we can fill any crewing spaces quite easily.


Crew available for 2010 nationals.  Can crew/helm or can provide monkey magic if tow from west london is available.