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Hi my names Andrew, me and a mate have recently bought a cherub and were wondering about its age its name is scrummy and its boat number is 749 any help would be fantastic hopefully we can have her up and sailing soon


we would be happy to help find some history on it.  IF you can post some photo's i'm sure some of the older guys can identify the design and give some details about it.



749 will be mid to late 1960s I think. Greg 3s and the like were common designs back then: sort of vaguely like a baby Scorpion.
Probably tell more more from photos.
Good images will be:
From the side, showing the curve of the keel from bow to stern (rocker)
From aft showing the shape of the transom
Cockpit interior showing centreboard/dagger board case from the side
Cockpit interior showing back of foredeck area and front bulkhead
bows from ahead an underneath showing curvature in sections
Plan view showing boat from above.
Some of these are easiest arranged with the boat on her side on a lawn.
Interesting to see rig details too.

some photo's from Andrew.

Yeah, big long centreboard, a Greg of some sort. Probably a Greg 3 I think, on a mobile so not best platform. Compare others of that age in the boatload.


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