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Blast at Weston/Netley Please

Started by Banshee Ambulance, July 10, 2008, 05:45:02 PM

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Banshee Ambulance

I'm toying with the idea of bying/building one of these death boats and wonderred if anyone could take me for a spin sometime just to see if its the right boat for me? I am a competent crew but not so hot on the helm but if there is anyone who can help, please get in touch.


Death boats? Only if you intend to die from extreme grinning.


Hi rs405,

Thanks for getting in touch. There's a Cherub based at Netley. Do you know Ashlea Davis and Ashely Davison? They are sorting their one in time for the nationals.

What do you sail atm?

Banshee Ambulance

I sail a bit of everything at the moment. Just sold my 405 - I was too heavy for it and it was boring. I crew a 4000 from Weston but mainly 420s. Would really love to get out in a Cherub though, I like the idea of the building/modding aspect to the sailing.


I might need a crew for some events.

You've missed 3 events at Weston when Cherubs have been down there! However, seeing as it's a decent place to sail and only cost a FIVER to day sail, maybe it's worth us orginising some pre nationals blasting? Get some boat tuning done, share soem hints and tips for the nations etc.

A good Idea of what a Cherub is like (if the 405 is anything like the laser 3000, they look similar) is that a Cherub will perform like a 405 in 30 knots of breeze, in about 13 knots of breeze!
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Serious plannage in the works...

Banshee Ambulance

If you could take me out for a blast I would be very grateful. When are you thinking?

Banshee Ambulance

Tom took me out in Beans at Stokes today. I am now officially hooked on this Cherub thing. Tom was fantastic and very patient which was handy given my limited experience. Roll on Stanley's launch date!