Try a Cherub day - 2/3 September - Grafham Water
Let us know if you’d like a go

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Hey folks

Started by Al., February 20, 2015, 08:42:59 PM

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I've been a fan of cherubs for a good time, I bump into 'Eleanor' infrequently - I love that boat, literally love it - which only serves to stir the juices..
I'm currently in between clubs and looking at going to Sheppey, somewhere to learn & play on the 600, but in the back of my mind I feel a cherub might just be the perfect vehicle in the near future..
I seem to have a thing for taking on scruffy, bashed or broken boats that need attention..I'm currently giving the love to a europe with another on my drive ! They will be back on the water soon enough though..
  I understand 'born Slippery' is the man in the know re what might be available sooner or later etc..
Will any of you guys be at the dinghy show ?


'I seem to have a thing for taking on scruffy, bashed or broken boats that need attention.'
You should go talk to some fireball sailors then.

Anyway, yes Eleanor is rather a pretty boat!
There will be a stand at the show with many people to talk to. Belive our stand is c54.

Hopefully see you soon!


Hi, I'm Eleanor's crew if your thinking of joining Sheppey and are local we have an open meeting there in April. Come along and meet everyone, see the boats etc. Bring your sailing gear, there are often crews needed. If you can't make that weekend PM me and we can choose a suitable time for a blast on Eleanor.


Thanks Jamie, hi Simon.
Cheers guys.
Simon Im going to ali pally on Saturday, so will try and hook up with you guys the following weekend at Sheppey ? Would love a sail on Eleanor, anytime bud !
Would this be a good time/place to offer myself up for crew for that open ?


Sheppey dosent open until April, also I would go to the events page for the sheppey event and make your crewing offer there. That way it's specific to that event. I won't be at the show until Sunday but go along and meet the guys.


I'll be at the shown most of Sat/Sunday and very happy to talk through what you are looking for. Feel free to drop in and say hello. Better still - can you make it to Draycote for the Blast weekend  (13th March)? Best way to look at a Cherub is from the wire with a mainsheet or tiller in your hand...

You can easily identify me as I'm missing a front tooth, respond to most names (but Roland is easiest) and will be staring at the boat on the stand wishing I was at a sailing club with it. For a similar reason to my modified smile, I'm also not as up to date re-second hand boats as I would like to be, but can certainly act as a signpost...


Hi Al,
Have sent you a PM re club membership


Thanks Simon, hey Roland.
Roland, I'll be seeing you on Saturday sir ! Can't wait to pick your brains.
Thanks guys.