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s/h Cherub

Started by richiepeel, January 18, 2015, 05:13:42 PM

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Hi built Forman 4b, then purchased 4c. Now 61 years old and would love another Cherub. Tried to access 2622 - Kokopelli site but not let for some reason. Help?

ade white

We used to own Kokopelli and was our first cherub but we upgraded and sold it, it's under the hands of Steve Scott at grafham...great to get back into cherubs, great boats, were a very friendly bunch and don't bite
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This is Nigel. There should be some bargains around. Born Slippy usually has the latest on boats available and he'll almost certainly be around shortly.

Thee are still some 1980s Formans knocking around (one as being varnished yesterday) and some '91 rules do come up.

'97 rules boats are no more difficult to sail than 1980s boats - in fact probably easier because of the asymmetric kite. Born Slippy is also a boat and a fine example of a '97 rules. Roland makes sure she is available whenever possible. She's definitely at Draycote 14th March.

Do get to the Dinghy Show if you can and come and say hello. i can't be there, sadly.

Welcome to the site
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when and where dinghy show? This now getting silly. I just want to communicate. I am a genuine potential buyer. Why I am I getting grief?


Thanks so much for your replies folks, still finding it hard to understand website. I just so want a semi sensible Cherub!


Here is a link to the RYA dinghy show website with all the details you will need.
(Alexandra Palace in London over the weekend of 28th February - 1 March 2015)

Here is the promo Video of the class as we are now.
As you can see, theres lots of designs to choose from

As said before, born slipy (Roland) is the man in the know about 2nd hand cherubs. Sit tight, he should be along soon

Phil Alderson

Do I understand that you are trying to look at the Kokopeli page on the website?

I have checked it and you can see it here:

It looks like there was an issue with the link to the 2622 page from the boats list which did not show up until the name of the boat was changed to easy tiger. I have now fixed it so that the page will link properly.

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The problem is that Kokopelli is still on the for sale page. I'll take it down...very confusing for potential buyers.

Richie - Cherubs have become fairly hard to come by in a hurry unless you are lucky but the class will help you find a boat. It might take a short while but Born Slippy (the person) works to put people in touch with suitable boats and they often don't go on the for sale page and rarely get into the national pre-loved boat pages.

I'll look on Apollo Duck
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Eggbert the Nasty might still be available. Have you called Ben? He still has Slippery When Wet so I'm pretty sure Eggbert is surplus
Previously 2685 'Loco Perro' and 2345 'Tachyon'


Hi thanks so very much! Groping around in dark so all help SO appreciated! Cheers, Richard



Give me a ring about 2623 Wreck N Effect If you would like to she is still for sale .


Hi, any details, pictures? which design, asymmetric? tell all! thanks! Richard. P.S trailer? Where?


Hi there are some photos in the lead in sailing stories she is assymetric with offset pole to starboard.Trailer I  need for another cherub but Iam sure if you decide on buying delivery could be sorted its avery friendly me on07807945119 or 01395567453 Andy or PM me


Sorry forgot
Design is paterson 3 hull is ply with glass sheath decks ply carbon and kevlar.All refurbished last winter spring new paint and varnish   new rigging and fittings replaced all new progrip and control lines.