Try a Cherub day - 2/3 September - Grafham Water
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Sorry ive been gone for so long but hope to be back before too long.

Started by Team_Slippery, August 02, 2014, 01:21:20 PM

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Hey Guys and Gals I've been gone for so long that i couldn't even remember my login details so have had to create a new profile but i hop eto get SWW back on the water this year at some point.  Its been a funny old time since ive been gone! Divorce another crippliong hand injury and another nervous breakdown, but i am now on the mend and looking to get back to work soon and now have a new partner so 3 possible crews to pick from! if i can convince them that sailing a cherub does not require a death wish!! ;D Im looking forward to meeting some of the new faces and some of the new boats and rebuilds.!! Cheers Ben
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Ben...I wondered where you'd been. Slippery was the first Cherub we tried when coming back into the class in 2012.

We bought Loco Perro a few weeks later.

Are you thinking of the Nationals or would that be too scary for family Cherub initiation?

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Probably too scary and not enough funds or holiday at the moment  still need to fix the pole


Ade and I were talking today about a possible Midlands Area day at Draycote in September, probably on a Saturday.

Watch this space for details
Previously 2685 'Loco Perro' and 2345 'Tachyon'


Good to things are picking up for you.
It will be good to see you around when your able to make the next open etc

ade white

Good to hear you are back in action Ben. If  you remember, I have a spare pole that may fit. Actually 'Stom' has it. It is not being used as it is too short for him. However, I think it will do for slippery if you are in need. I suggest contact Stom to find out measurements etc. Midlands Posse is now up to 8 boats then. I will do a role call in the Midland Posse thread.
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Yes indeed I do still have your spare pole Ade,  Team_Slippery drop me a PM and I'll get the dimensions to you....

We'd also be up for a sept blast!  Keep us informed.