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Test sail at Chew?

Started by B Hawkes C Maunder, April 20, 2014, 08:03:30 PM

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B Hawkes C Maunder

Ben and I are looking into getting a cherub, and would love to have a go at chew valley lake if this is possible? We both sail lasers regularly and sailed an osprey together at the NSSA inlands last May. We were also wondering what the minimum price for a competitive boat would be roughly? Any advice is gratefully accepted.

Team Slatter

I believe Suicide Blonde is still up for sale on Apollo Duck that is a great starter boat with good kit on it
Alex Slatter

2664 Spanish


Yes a test at Chew would be very easy to arrange. Please PM me with an email/phone number and we can arrange a convenient time to meet up. Mine is the Red Cherub at Chew and the older dark green one.


Depending on your budget "Ronin" is still for sale I believe.


I seem to have jumped the gun there it seems Ronin has sold, but welcome to the class anyway.


Hi Ben and Charlie,
These guys are pretty competent by the way, I've raced against them, and their boat handling is good enough to start learning to cherub, if I can try, they can definitely do it