Last event if the series - Plymouth Final Fling - 14/15th of October

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So many yet so Few

Started by Team Slatter, April 13, 2014, 03:47:52 PM

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Team Slatter

In a break from my revision and chatting to Eddie about Cherubs I counted that there were about 80ish cherubs however only about 20 of them race regularly and I am a culprit of it. There is a fleet out there whats stopping them from coming to events?
Alex Slatter

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Andrew Whapshott

The usual with every fleet I imagine;   Lack of cash/trailer/towbar/confidence/crew/time.        ..Or the boat is being pimped (guilty here)

Cherubs are wicked fun to sail and I can understand people who just want to go for a blast.  But if you are reading this and thinking your not good enough to race, just turn up, you might surprise yourself.  If not there are enough people around to help you up...


The above is true for many of us, however I second what Andrew says, this weekend at Sheppey saw two new teams, both of them learnt loads and at times were pushing boats with more experience.
If you're unsure or don't have a crew make contact via the website, come and join in you will enjoy it.

Team Slatter

We need to get the French Guys over for the nationals it would be interesting to see how GB boats compare.
Alex Slatter

2664 Spanish