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Garda 2014 - yes really

Started by andy_peters, January 10, 2014, 04:36:44 PM

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We have talked about it on multiple occasions but so far only one 05 rules Cherub has graced Garda.  That could all change.  I've contacted the club at Riva regarding sailing the week starting Saturday August 2nd and got the following reply:

In that period we are not busy. You are welcome. The cost for the hospitality will be 10 euro per day. 

Hospitality being full use of the club and hopefully a parking permit (it was last time). 

We are taking Usagi down for a week of blasting, will anyone join us?

Clive Everest

Hi Andy,
We are planning on doing the RS800s at Riva the Week before. I assume that you will be there in the RS200.
Cherub sailing at Garda sounds a lot more fun. Is there any prospect of any racing?

If we were to invite a menagerie of other boats B14s ISOs L4000s I14s for instance would the club be prepared to put on a joint start and a WL course?

Blasting around Garda is a lot of fun but it is an expensive trip for a bit of cruising. If there were some racing would make it worthwhile in my opinion.


Class Committee


If we have a window at a club then lets see how many Cherubs come forward. There are a number of ways we could sort a RO, then it's  a case of how much would the club want to provide a Rib to move the marks about.


Quote from: Born Slippy on January 11, 2014, 01:58:44 AM
There are a number of ways we could sort a RO,
Bearing in mind Cherub racing is not generally focussed on starting and mark rounding tactics to what extent do you really need an RO? I don't know Garda at all, but are there buoys about that you could pick as marks?  For starting all you really need is to pick a rabbit and run your own gate start. You're all sensible enough that you should be able to run without a gate boat - its not as if 150 boats are likely to turn out.


Hi Jim,  Time to get you back on a Cherub start line. If you find the videos form this or last year the start is getting fairly congested. Now we are not parked, but you tell where the line is from an Arial shot.

That said can confirm that even if I can't make the dates - my car and the double stacker are thinking of making the trip. If anyone wants to think seriously about driving the 2 or 3 boat rig to Italy then please PM me. If anyone wants a space on the trailer then also please PM me.


Roland, you are corrct but with the limited numbers likely to actually go to Garda a rabbit start as suggested by Jim would be fine.  As to marks, once they are laid they stay in position.  There either is wind or there isn't.  The club have some fixed mark positions and that is it.  We could ask them to put in a windward and leeward mark at 12pm and collect them at 4, that would probably do us on a typical Garda day.  I suspect the only issue may be that if they are involved in any way in a form of race assistance or organisation the dreaded H&S becomes an issue and they may be bound to provide safety cover. 

I will ask them on the basis of the above and let you all  know.  Presumably 3 or 4 days of an 'organised course' would be enough (Mon to Thurs) and any other days just blasting.

For anyone thinking of going Garda is a strong wind venue.  If your boat can break it will break so if your boat has a habbit of breaking or you struggle to keep it upright in the UK then consider a lot of bimbling and sailing practice beforehand.  Plus some small sails are very handy!

Graham Bridle

Too right Andy, if its going to work it will likely only work if you keep it simple and don't place any burdens on the club ..... then maybe next year and next year .... until sometime in the future you have something the class desperately needs, a regular event at Garda.

Will we be there ? Not sure !


I had a dream I was going to garda with the Cherub (and family?) this year! I love the place. Riva however is a challenge. I would recomend keeping away from the cliffs in the first few days or it may end up expensive and depressing. However a simple windward leward up the lake centre could work and I have had great fun cruising as the Holes will verify. Also take some windsurfers and kit for hill walking.

Launching and (in particular) recovery at Riva is a slight issue but if just a few boats the side-slip launch option is viable. Otherwise the main has to come down or *%$"!

Malcecine is another option? Garda hard men spit on it but I bet we Cherubs would secretly prefer it there.



You are right however I've spent 5 weeks at Garda and mostly the cliffs would be sailable for a cherub and the middle as you say very manageable.  In fact the windiest time by far of the 5 weeks  (sods law) was the week we sailed the cherub.  It was 30knts by the cliffs but 18-20 in the middle.  Still windy but sailable.  In fact we had some absolutely epic downwinds - but as you observed we kept well away from the cliffs most of the week.

Now the club and marina is totally re-developed launching off the side ramp for the limited numbers we would get would be no problem.  In my opinion Riva is one of the best clubs in Europe to sail from (and has a lovely town right behind it for apres sail and the family).  As the club have said we are welcome lets see if the Cherubs back up their bluster about Garda (am I becoming Chopperado here  ;D )

BTW I've asked the question about mark laying and given them a link to this thread.


Quote from: Graham Bridle on January 13, 2014, 01:40:46 PM

Will we be there ? Not sure !

You, foils, the cliffs - what could go wrong  ;D


Yes the club will put down marks to enable us to run racing.  Suggest we have a couple of days blasting then 3 or 4 days with some racing.  If 5 or more cherubs come I'll even buy a small trophy to give to the winner!

"We will leave small buoy with training marks for the period in which you will stay here. We will ask 20 euro per boat per day for hospitality and marks."

Tim Noyce

Expensive marks, costing the same amount as the hospitality!  ;)


We are at a wedding weekend 1st Aug...and we'd need a lot of practice to cope with Garda

Previously 2685 'Loco Perro' and 2345 'Tachyon'

Tim Noyce

Sounds like August 2014 will be the inaugural championship for the 'Peters Pot'. I am sure that equally prestigious events such as the JJ and the Mark Foy started with low key and humble roots.

All you need is 2 marks up and down the lake, with a Le Mans style beach start and finish. You can discuss number of laps sat eating your pizza whilst swilling a fine chianti waiting for the wind to pick up. Sounds epic.


Quote from: Born Slippy on January 13, 2014, 02:28:07 AMHi Jim,  Time to get you back on a Cherub start line. If you find the videos form this or last year the start is getting fairly congested.

What, has the fleet has turned into one where they come in after a race in a 15 or 20 knot breeze whinging about it being a wasted day because the start line was biased 2 degrees the wrong way?