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Looking for a little something to get me started

Started by Dan_Bell, August 27, 2013, 08:01:03 PM

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Hello there,

Along with, it would seem, every man and his dog, I'm very interested in coming across to/joining the Cherub class. Many (many) years ago I was a dinghy sailing instructor and over the years I've worked my way through and raced Mirrors, Toppers, GP14s, Enterprises, Larks and Fireballs before my sister stopped sailing and I moved across to Lasers, Solos and windsurfing, sadly followed by a too-long lay off when I joined the military.

Until recently I had a beautiful vintage Merlin Rocket which was sadly turned into match wood (no exaggeration!) in a storm last winter. With my little boy now firmly in the crew seat I've been looking for something more challenging for both of us; something I can teach him to helm and trapeze on but smaller than the Merlin and light enough to manoeuvre round the park on my own. VERY long story short (sorry) And following lots of research, the Cherub keeps coming up as a good little boat of choice. With that in mind I'm actively looking for a boat; probably single trap but I would consider double. However, I'm on a pretty tight budget and would welcome guidance on what I should be looking for in a 'starter for ten'. Any help or pointers greatly appreciated. I'm posted overseas at the moment but regularly back in the UK around the Cambridge/Norfolk area.

Many thanks,


Phil Alderson

Hi Dan,

Most of the class are away sailing at the Nationals at the moment, so it is a bit quiet around here. Have you had a look at the for sale page? I expect there to be some changes after the nationals  as I have heard that there will be some more boats comming up for sale.

From your description it sounds like an older single trap boat may be the best option, they are less full on so better for doing introductions than a new twin trap boat. Also they are better budjet boats, and won't loose much value, if/when your trade up to a newer model.

I would look at the state of the sals and rig, you want that part to work well together, as they are expensive to replace. Hulls are eisier to repair, and get working right. Having said that I would say that one of the best investments for an older boat is a new kite. An old waterlogged kite makes crew work so much harder than it needs to be.

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Hi Phil,

That's great. Thanks for the pointers and for getting back to me so quickly. I did have a look at the sale page and liked the look/sound of Kokpelli but having read some other strands I think she has already gone to a good home. I can certainly wait until everyone's back from the Nationals and see what's on offer then.



Hi Dan,

Definitely stay in touch...all in flux at the moment, with people making decisions. If you would like to Personal Message me (I've sent you one to make contact) with an approximate budget I will be in touch with Born_Slippy about what becomes available. We have no vested interest in getting a certain price for boats on the market but have an interest through the committee in getting people into Cherubs, so would just point you to boats based on your needs and let you negotiate.

Midlands area is likely to have a mini-meet (called a Blast) during the autumn, probably at close is that to you? That would be a chance to get a taste of the action,


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Having just returned from the Nationals 4 weeks after acquiring our 97 rules boat I can certainly recommend the experience. Born Slippy will help you find something I am sure. Hope you can get your hands on a boat soon and get out there!


Hi Dan, not sure I am the answer, but happy to talk.
Can you PM me a phone number (I've PM'ed mine).

To anyone else reading this who is interested, we know of some boats that can be persuaded to be available and are always happy to talk about our favorite subject....


Hi Dan

Kokopelli is currently sitting at Grafham water so give me a shout when you're next in Cambs area and you're welcome to pop along to have a nose and take her for a spin to see what you're letting yourself into.  I'm amazed at how entertaining a 1984 hull can be and I've had no end of people from the club coming up to ask me about it and the class in general... hope to see more Cherubs at Grafham soon!   



As a mater of interest P Clements (Bristol) has a very very nice Classic Merlin available. Free to a good home.


Thanks Steve, that's a really kind offer. I'll definitely take you up on that if I'm in the area; if only to pop down and take a look at her in the flesh! My home town is Cambridge but I spent a couple of years in Brampton so I know Grafham Water well. I was really interested in Kokopelli so it's good to know she's lovely to sail.

Paul, please don't tempt me with another Merlin!! Rocketeer was wonderful but took quite a bit of upkeep and she was heeeeeavy to heave up a slipway :-)