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Caption Competition

Started by admin, May 07, 2008, 09:25:18 AM

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the bear-away technique explained:

let some sail out, heel the boat to windward and the boat will... OH blast, lost the helm again!  One more time then!


perhaps this wasn't the best day to practice rudderless sailing...


i think phil has to be the winner on this one, pretty much my thoughts exactly as it happend, annoyingly we were leading the race and the f**king rs200 in the pic who was a lap behind decided to tack round infront of us  just as the gps hit 15kts, so we had to do an emergency gybe with lots of kicker on  and neither of us were ready, resulting in the dip shown. bloody wimps in rs boats tacking round a gybe mark pfffft. see lots of you at weston later


I've got a photo but no idea of how to post it on the new website.

Phil Alderson

If the picture is on the web already then you click the button and put the adress in between the img tags that apear in your post.

If the picture is on your computer you click the "Additional Options" link below, then next to "Attach" click the browse button find it on your computer select it then click open.
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A new photo for the caption competition.




I stuck the photo on the list last night but can't log on to the main site and acces the list from work.  it's not on my boat page but is on the list under 2657.  if you have time you are welcome to find it and put the correct path name in otherwise I will try again this evening.  I am more at home with sticky fingers than playing with computer software.

Phil Alderson

I take it this is the one;

To use an image from the wiki you need to rightclick on the picture when viewing it in the wiki and select "copy image location" from the options that apear(different browsers have slightly different text) go back to the forum and in the post you are writing paste the link. Then enclose it in the img and /img tags as shown below.

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Tim aims to make his fortune as a carbon-lined chimney sweep


Tim:-  "God i hope they don'y forget i'm in hear before they seal the vac bag!"
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That is the one.  Keep the captions coming.  This was taken during the renewal of Tim's foredeck.  from a sticky point of view it is a lot easier to work when gravity is on your side and when you can see what you are doing.



Your creative caption get's my vote. I assume you have a few photos now to set the ball rolling again!


Well I won't add a caption as it looks like we already had a winner but it looked to me like Tim was auditioning for a part in Mission Impossible 4!

"This foredeck will self destruct in the next big gust!"