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Winter Viruses

Started by andy_paterson, January 28, 2013, 10:19:06 PM

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I have just spotted Dr Wendy Barclay - multiple Cherub National Champion - in BBC2 programme 28 Jan 2013 about viruses.


Isn't that Professor Wendy Barclay?

Graham Bridle

Good spot Andy, I will iplayer it later - do we as a class have any other claims to fame (except for Stuberries well publicised appearance on Ian Wrights show :) ?

Neil C.

Mike Chalmers, former helm of Norwegian Blue and Nationals runner-up on more than one occasion is now Professor of Molecular Therapeutics at the Scripps Research Institute in Florida. Clever lad.

I believe Doug in Dubai (Paterson 8 builder) may previously have been Chief Exec of British Aerospace or something similar.


Ooops yes Professor Wendy.


I appeared on the realy Wild show 23 years ago and met Michaela Strachen and Chris Packam(breifly). Fortunately the I player had not been invented then.