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looking for a '97 rules Cherub

Started by lost heart, January 26, 2013, 10:05:48 PM

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Welcome back to the class, if your interested in meeting up with a few Cherubs we are at Sheppey on 13/14th April. You are welcome to stay at my house along with any others who attend. Look forward to seeing you on the water soon.


LFC is such an excellent vessel! Have a great time sailing her.

Don't forget to take pictures and upload them. I looked after LFC from 1997-2000 I think. What a machine!

Neil C.

My hazy recollection of the 2642 history is:
High quality professional build by Wiz Deas around 1990 / 91.
Initially owned by Bob Clements and named "No Sense, No Feeling" (not sure why!)
Transferred to Nick and Claire Spens mid-90's and re-named "Little Fluffy Clouds" after a trance dance-track title or something.
Lees late 90's as Will has already said.
Bought by Neil Thomas early 00's and had a major refurb, refit and upgrade to '97 rules. Appeared at several Nationals and went pretty fast.
Not sure what happened after about 2005!

Graham Bridle

Its indeed a great song, by the Orb (not Orbison of the benefit of us old blokes). I suspect for full enjoyment one may need to be "on" something, I couldnt comment.

lost heart

Thanks all for the history and good wishes, in time I hope to do the boat justice with a bit of loving up !

As soon as the weather breaks I'll carry out some basic TLC to get her afloat and take it from there....