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looking for a '97 rules Cherub

Started by lost heart, January 26, 2013, 10:05:48 PM

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lost heart

Can I ask for some help finding a '97 rules single wire asymmetric/se;f tacker from within the Cherub community please ?

I have seen Catananche on the 'for sale' board and the forum discussions about 2654 Norfolk In Chance (now under new ownership), it would appear that the price range could be between Ã,£600-Ã,£1500.

Would be grateful if you could put me in touch with any contacts who are willing to give up their pride and joy which they can no longer devote any time on or have neglected because they now have a newer design and would like her to go to a loving home !  Happy to take on something that needs some work as I have the skills and facilities to do so (well, I have my father who built many Cherubs back in the 60/70's including his own design !), not interested in timber boats.

The wheel of life has turned again and I would like to introduce my daughter to Cherubs as did my father me plus show the young upstarts in our club that there is more to sailing than Laser 1's, 2000's and Fevas etc .

I am based up in Harwich, North East Essex, a venue for a  number of Cherub Nationals in the past.

Hope you can help.


Welcome back, so to speak. I'm sure that there is a boat out there somewhere for you, I recently bought an older Cherub for my children to learn to sail in. How old are yours? We have boats dotted around the south east, you would be welcome to come along and go for a sail whenever you like. Alternatively the class runs blast weekends usually just after the dinghy show, you could come along and sail in different boats and see what you like.
You are likely to get a few relpys and offers on this page so keep an eye open. Who is your dad? What did he design?
Once again welcome back to the class

Tim Noyce

Hey there, the second hand boat list is looking a bit sparse at the moment which is great news that all of the boats have currently got good homes, but bad for people such as yourself who are looking to get back into the class. Let me have a talk to some people and see what can be 'made available' that isn't currently on the list.

Catanache is a very well built boat and has not really seen a huge amount of time on the water over the years so would be a very good boat to buy. If my memory serves me correctly it is sat down in Southampton. I live locally so would be happy to join you on a visit to it if you were interested.

The 97 Fleet is pretty bouyant at the moment having seen a bit of a revival over the last couple of seasons and so you could be sure to have plenty of competition on the water. We have husband and wife, father/son and father/daughter combos in the fleet as well. I am the 97 Rules Captain on the committee this year so please don't hesitate to ask me anything and I will do my best to find an answer for you!




Hi and welcome to the forum.  I can't recommend a '97 rules cherub highly enough for getting into cherubs with your daughter.
Roland has been gathering some info and it looks like a couple of boats might be coming available, so watch this space over the next day or so.
Looking forward to meeting you - sounds like cherubbing is in your blood!

Graham Bridle

Good advice all round, watch this space we'll see what we can find, Roland( aka Born Slippy) is particularly good at this !

Do tell us a little more about your Dad and your history and your daughter, and wether you're prepared to get your hands dirty with maybe a little restoration project !

I'm often sailing in Brightlingsea just around the corner from you albeit in a 2005 rules boat, I even remember doing a Nationals in Harwich sometime in the eighties, but if you'd like to pop around for a chat or anything my number is on the contacts page. Graham.

lost heart

Thank you all for your kind encouraging and immediate replies ! My daughter is 12, the Cherub will be a boat to grow into and we would sail on the right days condition wise, my lad is only 8.  My earliest memories of sailing were being lifted into the front end of a cherub after a race, looking in awe at that giant daggerboard going down the case, it being cramped up front with Dad's crew too and bursting into tears if we went out too far, the edge of the world being the end of the giant blue storage building on the nearby quayside !  It didn't totally freak me out,  I haven't needed counselling in my adult life to get over it either  :D

I pestered my Dad to build me a Cherub when I was 13, he relented and knocked up a Spencer Mark 7 number 2518.  I struggled with the spinni pole and was too light, this gave the old man the excuse to dig out his old crew for a season or two.  I did helm on a few occasions swapping after races and managed a race or two, this got my confidence up but alas along came windsurfing (this is all early '80's), I had another Spencer 2nd hand for a bit of fun when I was 15, but sold her as she was rotten, then got hooked into catamarans.

My father is Pat Webb, I think he simply called his design Webb1, I met a guy at Grafham Water at a cat open many years back who had a Cherub of an Unknown design, when I enquired he said a Webb 1 !  I'll have to check out the sail numbers.  Dad set up Dolphin Sails with Brian Vincent (former Cherub Champ) for the first 8 years of the companies history, he built Cherubs on a semi professional basis.  I'll tap Dad up for some more stories.

If you guys can come up with some other options to consider, who knows, there may be one not too far away from here, I will ask the owner of Catananche for some more details too.  Thank you all for your kind offers of help.

Graham Bridle

Good history, I wondered if you were going to mention Brian Vincent. Heres a picture of my old Jennifer Julian, hull by Seaflite sailing at Harwich in 1981, with Dolphin Sails - your dad probably had a hand in some of that !

Your Son and Daughter are ideal ages, particularly if they are adventurous in nature, we have quite a few teenagers in the fleet now, Alex crews for his dad, was 2nd in the nationals and I think he's only 10 !

lost heart

Thanks for those pictures, that brings its all back !  I would like to meet the 10 year old lad who was 2nd placed nationals crew last year,  sounds like a Cherub legend in the making !

With ref to your earlier email I am happy to take on a project, my line of work is all about boats, as mentioned previously, not wood,  I would like a carbon/Kevlar epoxy laminate boat preferably. The key thing is that the sails are serviceable, the rest I should be able to look after.


Followers of this forum will already know the following is very unreliable and needs to be confirmed by direct contact with owners. Boats fitting your description we are aware of on radar currently:


This Way Up - Currently lookign for a new home. Need to talk to Jason, but an offer in the range would probably work. TWU was at the nationals this year, she seemed to work - message Andrew Wap. via this forum for more info (note he is not the owner, but is the current baby sitter). SW London

LFC - 2642 - Sails ok - Has been sat for a while and needs some TLC, but cosmetic. Rumour was she may need some new shrouds. Malcom has not officially said this one is for sale. N. London

Catananche - lovely boat. You probably know as much about her as I do by now.

Fuzzy Logic - This boat has a complete 97 rules set (Batt Jib, Fyfe Main, ?PnB kite) AND a brand new set of '05 rules sails. Ross Burkin is the owner. Currently the boat needs a new gantry/back end and the CB turret has been removed and needs a pad/reinstatement of turret befre she can sail. She's an awesome boat, potentially very fast (pointy design), rumoured down to weight (nomex carbon) and cheap for the package (includes a C-Tech mast). Price rumoured around Ã,£2k. In Leeds or London.

Cheese - Legendary and epic boat. Wondering if John will really sell her - but has a 97 and 05 rig and is proven to be a really good way into the fleet. T-foil, carbonn rig looks like a modern boat after Paul Croote rebuilt her in 2007 (was the show boat that year ?08). Especially good with a light payload- John and Diggers both 15 when they sailed in Babbacoombe a few years back. On route back to Birmingham/Draycote/Southampton.

lost heart

Born Slippy, your the man !

Am very interested in looking into This Way Up, I have limited forum access and am having trouble getting contact details for Andrew Wap and or Jason as I don't know his surname.

Could you be kind enough to PM me some details please ?


Always happy to help.

The best way to meet Alex (Clive's crew) is to come along to an event. Currently Born Slippy is a spare '97 rules boat for the Chew event - we can happily bring her to any other event to sail.

lost heart

Can any one help me with contact details for Matt Burrows - "Catananche" .  I am struggling to make contact with him using the details on the "for sale" page.

Please could you PM me.

lost heart

Just to follow on from my postings I am pleased to announce that I have purchased 'Little Fluffy Clouds', boat number 2642 from Malcolm Gardner.

I have gone for a 97 rules rigged boat to get back into the 'feel' of a Cherub and to introduce my children.  I am also hoping the boat will appeal to the younger teenage set in my club who are getting bored of their Laser 1's !

I would like to thank 'Born Slippy' and Graham Bridle for their support and advice. 

I am also sending off my application form for class membership this week too, a small price to pay for the fantastic support given by the Class Association ! 

Tim Noyce

Congratulations, hope to sail against you soon! :-)

Graham Bridle

Excellent work Andy, I cant wait to see a Cherub at Harwich again.

For those of you that don't know, Harwich used to be a stronghold for Cherubs in the 70's and 80's spearheaded by Dolphin Sails, Spithead boats, Dick Jarrett and of course Andy's Dad Pat Webb who has recently supplied the class with a pile of memorabilia, including air mail letters from John Spencer,  I have scanned and will make available soon !

Right, Dabchicks next !