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How difficult are Cherubs to sail?

Started by Torchy, November 16, 2012, 04:13:29 PM

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I know Loco is considered a particularly easy '05 boat but I think the Big Issue (pun intended  :) ) is not the boats being too hard to sail (they are not) but the move to twin wiring and then the issue is mainly down wind.

We have sailed Loco all of this year single wire down wind, you do lose a little but not massively.

Twin wiring upwind seems a gentle move up, not a step change.

With the increase in popularity of Cherubs, '97 rules boats are now hard to come by but I DO NOT  believe this should put anyone off.

With all the new builds going on this winter more good '05 boats should come onto the market in addition to 'Cheese before bedtime'.
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Graham Bridle

Have you been smoking something Nigel ?


Just aware that people read this site and might be considering Cherubs but feel they are too difficult...we umm'd and aaaah'd before taking the plunge but really we needn't have worried.

I think this year Cherubs developed something of a reputation for being 'tricky' boats because of the Olympic bid.

I think it's helpful to say to newbies 'single wire downwind at first'. Ben in Atum said something similar to me recently.
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I still do!

I must start twinning otherwise I never will.

Clive Everest

It would appear that national champions single wire downwind as well.
Class Committee

Tim Noyce

I was about to give Graham some stick for being a pussy, but looking at that photo he was sailing down quite a steep hill at the time so I will let him off!

Clive Everest

Are you sure that he is going down hill?
It looks to me like the camera man was on the tilt.
Class Committee

Graham Bridle

Nope, I rarely twin downhill in a breeze, bit then I am a soaker not a screamer.

I do usually take my weight on the wire with my feet on the gunwale, not actually on the boat like this - however the waves at PW made me behave more conservatively (ok, i sh*t myself)

Oh, and i am a pussy, thought you all knew ?


pssst - the 18s sometimes twin wire...they are complete wusses. Has anyone watched yesterday's race yet?
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Quote from: Graham Bridle on November 19, 2012, 04:59:47 PM
however the waves at PW made me behave more conservatively

Here is a photo of Graham behaving more conservatively
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ade white

... regarding this subject i feel i am qualified to reply... But I would have started it; How good are Cherubs to sail!
I have sailed lot of different boats, and windsurfed many boards, raced competitively, both at club and at national level... and so from memory, here are some of them boats what I owned down the years. Single handers inc; Mark, Laser, Moth, Contender, Topper, RS300. Twin boats; Mirror, Enterprise, National 12, Laser 2000, Fireball, Merlin, 505, Lark.
I am now in my 2nd season of sailing a Cherub and currently own 2 old boats, 1 wood =2622 Kokopelli (1984) and 1 carbon kevlar =2663 Sweet Dreamzzz (1995).
The reason I got the Cherub was due to my son, being bored of sitting in a dingo and wanting the 'extreme speed factor'. So my decision was limited... him being little and me being 'FB' size.
So after 2 years what are my thoughts. Well I hope Joe stays small enough - long enough so I wont consider moving onto a bigger boat. Yes i know there are loads of classes out there (and I honestly have sailed most of them at some time or other and the performance, for me, just doesnt give that 'grin')...
But back to the Cherub... Yes it is that good. On the right day the old boats can be nearly as fast as the new boats depending on the rig and sails you use. The grin factor is extreme, the quality of time is extreme. My advise to anyone thinking of having more fun sailing would be to jump in a Cherub and have the blast of your life! You dont have to be an athlete, in fact they can be very forgiving. Bang for Buck, I couldnt think of anything I would rather not tell the wife about.
As well as the boat the 'Cherubists' are also a pretty ace bunch and we all enjoy the secret together. My advise to anyone thinking of having a go is keep looking at the forum to find out where a blast might be for to have a go. It might change your life. It has mine!  Dinghy show soon... warm weather on the way!!! 3rd season soon - cant wait!
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Cherubs are very good to sail and don't need abnormal strength or skill.

...unless you're a teenager reading this, when they are awesome, impossible to sail, animal...and you need to be superhuman to sail one  ;)

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I 2nd that Dean and I are neither strong or brilliant sailors, we do however twin whenever possible (it may not be the fastest way to the leeward mark but it's by far the most exciting). So if you're thinking about seeing what all the fuss is about, give it a go YOU WONT  be dissapointed.