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Started by ade white, August 27, 2012, 04:34:19 PM

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ade white

Following on from the AGM and thinking about the Dinghy Show. How do peoples feel about making a video that shows the various boats in action. Specifically the performance differences between the 97 and 05 boats. As well; what about including good narration so that we can really show and tell the Cherub experience.
From my own observations I think the general sailing public think cherubs are beyond reasonable competence which is entirely wrong and I think a video could help enlighten peoples interests.
...Thinking we start to include this during open meets and blasts etc. etc. Of course if we do arrange specific dates, it will either be a flat calm, peeing it down or vice-versa!!! what yer all think?
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Graham Bridle


This is one that should be coordinated through our class publicity officer, Hayley.

My rules are simple, show the good stuff (boats upright and going well) - and not the bad stuff, (boats falling on and/or breaking) ....

I know that its all a lot easier said than done.



Video is definitely good, and the more information it can give about the class the better.
Things to think about are:
How to get good video. This needs someone in a rib (who is therefore prepared to give up some sailing time), who understands cherubs and how to take good video of them. Just driving alongside doesn't give the impression of speed.
Getting some good conditions with a few different boats present. Blasts seem to be the most likely candidates. Alternatively we could just cut something together from different people's footage, but we'd have less fun doing that  :)
Anyone volunteering to do voice-over?

Audio may not be ideal for dinghy show, but would work well on youtube.


I think good video is v important.

I think that the next meeting with good wind and a sunny day we should equip at least 2 boats (probably the 2-3 likely front runners) with headcam and boat cam on each boat plus a good quality camera in a chase boat. I am happy to collect all the footage on a computer and edit something together, though others might be more creative/skilled. I'd go in the chase boat if somebody took Sam out in a Cherub for that race.

One race only - It would be no real handicap to the boats involved...the chase boat might (unavoidably) hinder someone a little but we should get some lively shots for editing into a 5 minute video snapshot for use at Ally Pally. Don't try a narrative of the race...just give people a close up of the action for a start, a beat and a run.

Possible 'Story board'
1. Pick up leading boats at start (at pin end?) keeping to leeward
2. Throttle up and cross fleet to right hand of beat, taking panorama as you go.
3. Watch for first cross of leading boats (likely ones with cams) port/starboard
4. Get up to windward mark and do rounding of first boat/s
5. Pick up kite launches
6. Chase down run and get some downwind action and gybes
7. Get ahead and pick up boats at leeward mark
8. End (maybe chase around picking up some good shots but keep out of the way of the boats)
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