Try a Cherub day - 2/3 September - Grafham Water
Let us know if you’d like a go

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Started by PiersHS, July 12, 2012, 11:40:49 AM

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Hi all,

With Cheese undergoing surgery in the near future I doubt I am going to be able to cadge her of John for the nationals. So, if anybody needs a crew for the event then I am looking for a boat to sail on! Preferably an '05 but if it gets me to the event then anything is good!

Better still, if anybody has a boat lying around they are not taking, then me and my helm would be keen to take it along... ;)


p.s- You never know, I might even buy a boat soon!


Well done Piers, you beat me to posting this thread. The Cherub fleet does run a very effective dating service between boats.

If you would like to come to the nationals, but are missing:
then please post here and/or PM me.

Information that helps:
-Can you drive/tow
-Do you have time to pick up a boat
-Previous sailing (if you have not made a Cherub event before)


Piers, I agree that Cheese appears to be heading to Pwhelli under a different crew. There are a couple of boats that could be of interest. PM me.


Now the forum's back - anyone else looking to join the fun?