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Thinking of Buying a Cherub

Started by Chris Hurst, June 12, 2012, 03:34:00 PM

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Chris Hurst

Hi Everyone

I am thinking of joining the fun with cherubs, and looking at Matt's boat Catananche.

Would she be a good boat to start out in?

I am based just south of Bristol so would prob try to go sailing at  Chew or Cheddar, anyone around that area to play with? ( and pick their brains   :)  )



Ps there is some family history with Cherubs as my Father, also called chris, sailed the first UK Boat Called Hangover in Cowes with a guy called Mark Ratsey, ( yep the guys who make sails ).  It could be them in the Black and white pic in the history section but not sure about that, he says the boat had Blue and White stripped sails.  All the more reason for me to have a go :)

Graham Bridle

Hi Chris and welcome to the forum.

Your location is perfect, there are many Cherub sailors in the Bristol area, particularly at Chew/Thornbury - I am not one of them I am afraid but I am sure they will be along here soon to say Hi - if only you'd have popped up last week we were all at Thornbury last weekend !

It would be great to have you in the fleet, we're very proud of our history and would love to hear more from your father too, we were at Royal Victoria last year to share our 60th Anniversary and met many of the people I am sure he would have raced against !

I am not personally familiar with Catananche, but again I am sure someone who is will be along soon, I am sure that she'd make a great starter boat - make sure you know about our different rule sets (pre 97, 97 and 2005) and have a chat to a few of us and we'll make sure you are heading in the right direction.

And any other questions, please feel free to ask or call, you'll find my number in the Contacts section.



Hi Chris
As Graham says, there are a few of us based around Bristol. We sail at Chew and Thornbury and you'd be welcome to come along and have a sail with us. Drop me or Born Slippy a PM or email and we can sort something out and talk about what kind of boat you are looking for taking into account your crew, price etc.  Hope to meet you soon.

Chris Hurst

Thanks for the offer Hayley that would be cool.

I think I need a sane (ish) Cherub as it's been a long while since I last sailed something without a ton of Lead strapped to the bottom and my friend who wants to come sailing with me has no experience at all, apart from abit of sailing on holiday, so I guess we are going to spend a large amount of time swimming to start with.  :) wouldn't mind beign able to take the little uns out in it too.

Do you Guys get much racing in at Chew?, would there be any room for new members?, used to sail there when I was at school.

Budget's not great at present but Catananche would be ok price wise. 


Neil C.

Hi Chris, for the type of sailing you're suggesting I would say that Catananche would be an ideal choice. It's a one-off design, but was in fact designed and built by a professional naval architect for his own use. The build quality was good and I believe it has been well looked after. IIRC Matt is selling it complete with a proper combi, cover etc. so it should be ready to go - not always the case with older, less expensive boats. Should be very competitive in the '97 Rules Club.

Graham Bridle

Chris, sounds like 97 rules is the right choice for you, you may be interested to know that the 97 rules boats are enjoying a revival this year with several reconditioned boats hitting the water - we're expecting quite a bunch of them at this years nationals in Phwhelli - all are welcome so book your holidays now !


Hi Chris,

I also live in the area just north of Bristol,
My wife and I started in a 97 rules boat after sailing non trapeze boats.  It's enough of a jump in skill level.  The important thing is to get some practice.  I would recommend either Chew or Axebridge for this before considering Thornbury (where the tides can make the conditions tricky at times.
I haven't seen Catamanche but if there is anything that needs attention or just sprucing up we can all help with advice or come and help you fix it.
Born Slippy, Hayley and I have all recently built boats and all the bits that go into them. 
Other members of the class are equally or even better skilled with composites and can advise on materials and where to get things from without paying chandlery prices. 

Banshee Ambulance

I am also a Bristol (ish) based Cherub sailor though I am not sailing as much as I would like. The class is very friendly and have given me a huge amount of help as I am sure they will for you if you decide to get involved! I would second Phill's comments and recomend getting to know the boat on inland waters having had trouble contending with tides and learning to sail the boat at the same time.  :P Chew is a great place to sail but I believe there is a waiting list, there are a few members based there who will be able to correct me if I am wrong.
A good '97 rules boats can be a huge amount of fun for your buck, check out the video from the Thornbury weekend thread and you will be hooked!   


We have a 97 ruled boat as well as an 05 rules one and love them both. You'd be welcome to have a go. We'll be around in the next few weeks. Not sure what the current list is like at chew, but it's a good place to start out and we'll sign you in as a guest to start with


Kokopelli could :-\ be for sail.  The reason is because I am unable to sail due to health probs and I now have 2 Cherubs - at pres - both not being used.  Koko 2622 is an older all wood boat in a very lovely condition and is well known.  It has everything to go sailing with and is all in excellent 'tip top' condition.  I have used Koko as my first Cherub and have had a big grin everytime  ;D.   I sail with Joe, a 'spogglett' who is all of 4 stone, and quite new to sailing; for him Koko has more of the 'grin factor' than the 'scare factor' 'sproggies ay' and he is now 'hooked' therefore the newer cherub in the garden!
We have already booked to do the nationals and I was thinking of bringing both boats, but I suppose if someone wants a perfect first Cherub i would let it go. . . to the right home!

Chris Hurst

Thanks for all the offers and advice guys.

This is definitely the most friendly class I've come across.

'97 rules boat it is then!  :)


You're not wrong Chris...clinched it for me, tho' I had already experience of the class in the 80s. Always the most wacky, friendliest bunch.

A real plus is that if you should buy a boat and structural problems arise you will definitely get support in sorting them out...and not just during Sticky Weekends
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