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Started by Torchy, February 28, 2012, 02:50:10 PM

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Newton Crum have just told me that they don't insure Cherubs...too many broken masts?????

Can anyone recommend a company to me?

Meanwhile I'll Google and see what I come up with.
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Graham Bridle

Thats interesting, cant remember the last time someone broke a mast, oh yes I can on beans ... 3 years ago ?

I use these boys, had to make two claims (for spinnakers) which were dealt with absolutley no quibble.


If you insure with Nobel (expensive, but good) and use the link on the website the class gets a small cut.


We've always used Noble and never really had any problems.


Thanks guys...will look
Previously 2685 'Loco Perro' and 2345 'Tachyon'


We switched back to Nobels we renewing last October.

We broke our mast when insured with Insurance for Boats last year.  No difference in price between the two.  My Ent is also insurred with Nobels and I have never had a problem with them.


This is the opposite to what I have heard from Noble or witnessed in practise.
I can personally confirm that most broken masts in the fleet are repaired by the fleet and do not end in an insurance claim.


Is it worth the Association querying the policy with Newton Crum? It seems to be based on the whim of the underwriter.
Previously 2685 'Loco Perro' and 2345 'Tachyon'

Stuart Hopson

I'm just about insure Suicide Blonde, I've never insured a Cherub fully comp as if it breaks I've always fixed it myself, anyway insurance 3rd party only with Noble marine is £42.40, not bad value really!


I like the 3rd party thing.


For our next renewal we will go for a custom policy with Noble.  Our main concern is theft of the double stacker or someone driving into the C-tech and not stopping to give details. Nobel have said they are happy to arrange a policy that accounts for this without being as extensive as the fully comp option and have an price/excess to suit the situation.

For now though Evo is insured through Noble full comp new4old. We needed cover before launching and filled out the form on the shore via Chew's wireless connection.

Before any asks - no we are not going to claim for the CB.

Tim Noyce

I did my Noble 3rd Party on the beach before launching the other week too... gotta love smartphones!