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Geodesic dome

Started by ross_burkin, January 02, 2012, 07:40:27 PM

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I thought some of you guys and girls would like this!

I built a dome (with some assitance from friends) in my back garden for NYE.


radius- 2 meters
frequency - 2V


'Hub and strut'

Struts - Bamboo
Cut to length and either sheaved or packed out with electrical tape at the end for a tight fit into hose pipe.

Hubs - Hose pipe

Joined together with cable ties.

Sacrificial bedsheets and blankets were draped on the outside for insulation and then coverd with plastic dust sheets for water proofing.

Pimp factor

Fully carpeted floor and geometric rug!
Pendant lamp hanging from the top - with some nice amber gel from work
Radiator (didn't need it!)
HiFi - hooked up to laptop
Vast selection of pillows, cushion, blankets

Didn't bother with the fridge this time

Uneven ground, fexible hubs, deflecting bamboo and general inaccuracy mean it's a bit wonky, but it functioned nicley.

Plans for the next one on the way!

2675 Fuzzy Logic  97/05 rules

Serious plannage in the works...


2675 Fuzzy Logic  97/05 rules

Serious plannage in the works...