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Started by Andrew Whapshott, December 04, 2011, 04:34:10 PM

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Peal ply isn't suposed to be left on. It incorporates a release agent which may reduce the ability of the paint or other things to stick. if it is clear or opaque it is more likely to be a thin layer of glass used to cover the kevlar when the boat was built or added subsequently if someone else sanded into the kevlar by mistake.
A good way to apply pressure to small but not flat areas without using a vac pump is as follows.

over your laminate apply peal ply as usual.
on this add a layer of polythene or plastic bag.
on this add something squashy. several layers of breather, a sponge a folded towel, or something semi inflated.
on this add a flat board and tape, weight or strap down. For very uneven items ignore the replace the flat board with more plastic.  The squashy material can then be reused.

This spreads the strapping and weighing down force evenly over the area being laminated.


I should have said, once you have peeled the peelply off then there is a slightly rough surface with the fibres pushed down.

Strawberry has some glass  on the inside which had stripes on it like peelply. I am assured this stuff is glass not peeply, and I guess TWU may have the same.

Andrew Whapshott

Thanks, Luckily the areas affected are nice and flat. I'll assume it's glass, and that the builder was not a fool..  Anyway I'll press on carefully and repair the fluffy bits when finished..

I'm guessing the (lower/crew)deck is the same, but I know the outer hull layer is glass...  Can't wait to finish her, aiming for the Sheppy blast (No Promises though!)


Its not unusual to have a thin layer of glass over kevlar to give you some room for error sanding before the fuzz starts. But Wiz Deas tells the story of working on a foam multihull back in the 80s. *As I recall* the tale he had to do a whole lot of interior mods and to his amazement and delight found all the surfaces covered in peel ply. Ripped it off and had a perfect new surface to glue on the new stuff: saved him hours of work.

Andrew Whapshott

Ah, I wish it was that simple!

I've unearthed some interesting repairs that have now been reinforced/corrected...  (Any reason that a sponge cloth would be included in the lay-up?  ::) )


thats just brilliant :)
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That's very cheruby. Boats built from materials that are easy to hand.


Phil I've got some used Brillo pads for you if you need them  ;D
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