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Calendar Events / Re: 2019 Open Meeting 1 - Rutland SC 23/24 March
« Last post by jonny_harris on Today at 09:04:34 PM »
For the first time that I know and ever recollect an even amount of 97 rules and 05 (2019) rules rigged up to what looked like a beautiful 8-10 knots breeze on a very almost criminally early morning after traveling, sun was shinning and spirits high. Was exciting to see some new faces and nice to see some old faces/hulls back on the water.
Sailing down to the race area realising that the wind was a little lighter than originally thought but still enough to race, Bouy was It close every one hit the line almost at the same time maybe not a warp speed but still close racing all the way up to the windward mark, the 97rules pushing the other 3 round, Usagi taking the lead early with a non foiling A&E snapping at the heals and Poppy close behind with the new skipper of Jamie, with kites up and Usagi stretching her legs little, and Poppy making light work of getting past A&E. Another lap with Poppy chasing Usagi and Robin at the dangerous end of Flying Kipper with Oliver hunting down and managing to pass A&E down wind and making the pass stick. Martin in King Tubby observes this and follows suit leaving A&E in there wake.
Race two starts the same another clear start and a great start from the 97 rules boats and a great fight all the way to the top mark. wind had picked up ever so slightly Poppy and Usagi where almost twin wiring upwind but A&E unable and being push hard by Flying Kipper and King Tubby. round the windward mark Usagi with a comfortable lead A&E managing to get some flight time even if it was a such crazy angles letting poppy and Flying Kipper put them under pressure, until poppy managed to find a massive hole to sail in to and let Flying Kipper and king tubby past and A&E a little berating room.
while waiting for race 3 the wind was slowly deciding that it had had enough and dropping more and more. Flying Kipper dropping back a little after  the line tack off, as every one else smashed the left hand side towards the middle of the lake. Little did we know how much robin had been paying attention between races to the small breaths of wind where filling in from the right, as some of the rest of us make tunes off the rigging. As we all sailed on in to the doldrums and to our ignerance watching Flying Kipper in what felt like 10x more wind than the rest of us and too our dismay a lift too. clearly must have been cheating, they went on to do as what can only described as a horizon job. Usagi followed closely by King Tubby. Poppy and A&E where sat struggling to get round the 1st mark as the Flying Kipper looking to lap, must have had the cheesiest of grins much like the Cheshire Cat. Poppy made it round leaving A&E to what felt was sailing backwards. Fortunately was only a short race, well it was for Robin and Oliver aboard Flying Kipper. Less so for poppy and A&E, on the last leg (when finally getting there)  was close depending on who got the gusts fist, until a safety boat came and informed A&E that they had missed out the spreader mark and told that the race comity "had all grown beards while watching us race" offers us a last place and a tow back. which was interesting getting towed on the foils, much harder than originally thought.

That evening was spent measuring sails in the wet bar of the club and then the famous walk to the Wheatsheaf. unfortunately the regular of Ribs and steak was off the menu! but we all managed with out.

Day two promised more wind and more great racing. The blast to the race area was off the grassy rigging area kite up and we where all off. Grins all round showing the other fleets why the Cherubs are such amazing boats. off the start all 6 boats close all on the wire and charging after the 4k's. Usagi starting off just like day one with an early lead and Poppy just below showing some great up wind speed. A&E trying to keep up and keep off the closely fought battle fo the 3 97 rules boats, was epic to see Comfortably Numb back on the water showing her speed. as the wind starting to fill in slightly A&E getting more and more flight time as the race went on. it all came down to the last downwind leg and the last gybe. A foiling A&E manage to pull off a foiling gybe then flying to the line until getting a powerboat parked in-front of them and the wash from the engine finished in a big splash and a capsize leaving it open to Usagi.
Last race of the weekend looked promising now cooking on about 12-15knts. A watch less A&E decided to go for a port flier but with only 5 other boats to battle pull it off to a row off cheers as she foils past the fleet on port. With the optimum wind for foiling she was gone passing some of the b14's by the windward mark even with them having a 3 min head start. Usagi lead the others. With a capsize from poppy on the kite drop leaving the gate open for flying kipper and king tubby. 

please correct and fill in anything I have got incorrect or missed out! :)

Final results are;

1st   Cherub   3202   Queen Mary   Peters, Andrew   Peters, Andrew   890   1   1   (2)   1   2   7   5
2nd   Cherub   2659   Covenham SC   Jones, Robin   Goolden, Oliver   890   3   2   1   (4)   3   13   9
3rd   Cherub   3215   Dee SC   O'Connor, Jonny   Wright, Andrew   890   (5)   3   5   2   1   16   11
4th   Cherub   2650   Staunton Harold SC   Denchfield, Martin   Clarke, Martyn   890   4   4   3   (5)   4   20   15
5th   Cherub   3216   Draycote/Poole   Pearson, Jamie   Ruddiman, James   890   2   (7 DNC)   4   3   7 RET   23   16
6th   Cherub   2648   WYC   Leeuwen, Shane   Schacteiz, Spencer   890   (7 RET)   7 RET   7 DNC   6   7 RET   34   27
Calendar Events / Re: 2019 Open Meeting 1 - Rutland SC 23/24 March
« Last post by andy_peters on March 25, 2019, 04:49:51 PM »
It is the way of the world that he or she who finishes in 3rd place starts the report for the weekend.  So fly bouys over to you please to start us off.
Sailing Stories / Re: Handicaps for open handicap events
« Last post by JimC on March 25, 2019, 05:59:01 AM »
By the nature of the PYS calculations they don't work for one of a kind boats. However when you know all the individual sailors involved a decent shot at a trial number can be had by looking at their results before the change/new boat/whatever and seeing where they came in the fleet, then take the post change results and calculate a number that puts them in the same sort of place in the pecking order.
Calendar Events / Re: 2019 Open Meeting 1 - Rutland SC 23/24 March
« Last post by zimboflyman on March 24, 2019, 10:31:32 PM »
Thanks guys for an awesome weekend. Cheers for all the tips and help. Amazing class vibe...
Sailing Stories / Re: Handicaps for open handicap events
« Last post by scorpion_1925 on March 24, 2019, 08:20:22 PM »
to continue what could prove to be a never ending topic, I spoke to Rutland before racing this weekend and asked if we could get our race times so we could see what difference handicapping would make to results. I have attached the results worked out with a handicap just for comparison. if anyone has a suggested handicap for A&E I am happy to update them.
Calendar Events / Re: 2019 Open Meeting 1 - Rutland SC 23/24 March
« Last post by andy_peters on March 22, 2019, 09:45:57 AM »
I’ve booked the Wheatsheaf for dinner @7:30.  8 places but advised the pub there may be some more.

The steak and ribs combo is no longer on the menu but they assured me they can still do it on request  :)
Calendar Events / Re: 2019 Open Meeting 1 - Rutland SC 23/24 March
« Last post by Jimmy Rudd on March 21, 2019, 11:09:02 PM »
Evening all, I'm looking forward to seeing you at the 1st event at Rutland.
Just a quick reminder that to take part you and your crew must be members of the UK Cherub Class Association.
This can be full membership £30, or event membership £10.
Payment can be made through the website, and myself and Andy will also be able to take payment at the event.
Safe journeys and happy Cherubing
Calendar Events / Re: 2019 Open Meeting 1 - Rutland SC 23/24 March
« Last post by zimboflyman on March 20, 2019, 11:15:29 PM »
Awesome, thanks!
Classifieds / Re: Carbon Mast, Boom, and Pole - Cheap upgrades
« Last post by Ben Howett on March 18, 2019, 08:33:23 AM »
All still sitting in my garden.

None of this is show condition but all of it usable for a budget upgrade on an old boat.

Will chopped up and sent to the skip if no one takes them off me so someone make me a silly offer and come take them off my hands?

Calendar Events / Re: 2019 Open Meeting 1 - Rutland SC 23/24 March
« Last post by andy_peters on March 17, 2019, 06:26:38 PM »
Hi and welcome to your first open meeting - yes you do need to join the assoc - either by paying in full or by £10 for a meeting pass (which goes towards the full membership if and when you do join fully).

You can pay a committee member at Rutland or you should be able to join through the website.
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