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Started by m6ayv, August 13, 2015, 02:55:53 PM

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Hi my names Andrew, me and a mate have recently bought a cherub and were wondering about its age its name is scrummy and its boat number is 749 any help would be fantastic hopefully we can have her up and sailing soon



we would be happy to help find some history on it.  IF you can post some photo's i'm sure some of the older guys can identify the design and give some details about it.


3217 - Green Bananas (Kermit)


749 will be mid to late 1960s I think. Greg 3s and the like were common designs back then: sort of vaguely like a baby Scorpion.
Probably tell more more from photos.
Good images will be:
From the side, showing the curve of the keel from bow to stern (rocker)
From aft showing the shape of the transom
Cockpit interior showing centreboard/dagger board case from the side
Cockpit interior showing back of foredeck area and front bulkhead
bows from ahead an underneath showing curvature in sections
Plan view showing boat from above.
Some of these are easiest arranged with the boat on her side on a lawn.
Interesting to see rig details too.


some photo's from Andrew.
3217 - Green Bananas (Kermit)


Yeah, big long centreboard, a Greg of some sort. Probably a Greg 3 I think, on a mobile so not best platform. Compare others of that age in the boatload.

Tim Noyce

She looks awesome. Very baby scorpionesque as Jim says.

Neil C.

What a great looking ship! If you don't mind me asking, where did you find her? The hull looks to be in remarkably good condition for a woodie of that age. I have an assortment of sails at the back of my garage which should fit that boat, going free if you are in need of any rags.


some bloke up the road from where i work was selling her for £300, me and my mate just couldn't resist the temptation to get her 

ade white

An amazing find. well done. Keep it dry and inside especially in the winter, otherwise it will not last long. The water has been sitting  in the area either side of the number ID and the wood has been wet and will be a little soft and seep in that area. It should be attended to if you want to keep it gorgeous.
Any help will be gladly given by loads of people, if needed, on this forum.
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Thanks Ade, iv got her in big yellow storage (southend) iv already drayed that area and given it a sanding down hoping to treat it with some varnish soon. 

Neil C.

Hi Andrew, I've done a little bit of digging in the Cherub history files on "Scrummy" 749. Assuming the sail number of 749 is correct, and I suppose we can be pretty sure it is, given that it's engraved in the hull, that puts your boat as being built somewhere about 1963 or '64. That means it's over 50 years old! This is a serious classic of the fleet. Unfortunately old boats rarely have much financial value, but in terms of historical interest and importance it's way up there. The only older sailing Cherub I know of in the UK is Wanderous 698, owned by the Lee's (although may have changed hands recently).

The sail number list went up to 750 and then jumped to 901 due to different countries being given different batches of numbers.  The 1965 Nationals were won by Cherub sail no. 920, 2nd place Hart-ta-Beat 738, 3rd place Micro 907. So your boat certainly pre-dates 1965. Gregory design boats were popular at that time, so it's quite possible yours is also one, probably a Greg3 or Greg4.

Also of note is that 749 was originally registered with the name "Julia".  Maybe the owner fell out with his girlfriend or something and re-named it "Scrummy" after the other woman. That's my theory anyway.

Graham Bridle

I agree with Neil, as a piece of Cherub history this boat is a fantastic find and looks in amazing condition !

I hope you get to use her Andrew and get many hours of pleasure from her, please please though don't ever think of covering that wood with paint, or leave her in the back of a boatpark without a really good cover on - Yellow storage sounds ideal !

I doubt theres more than a handful of boats still exist from the 60's, brilliant its just become a handful plus 1



Hi! Welcome.

If your looking for period boats to race against under PY, might be worth looking here:


Madge 2646


Quote from: m6ayv on August 13, 2015, 02:55:53 PM
Hi my names Andrew, me and a mate have recently bought a cherub and were wondering about its age its name is scrummy and its boat number is 749 any help would be fantastic hopefully we can have her up and sailing soon

Hi there, I've just rescued this very boat from a wood pile for burning, I'm actually excited that I've found her on here, all of her rig is missing, I'd love to track it down, as I'm gonna restore her. I hope you see this message