UK-Cherub Class

Get Your Heart Racing

New boats and new faces

New boats, Marmite and Evo are on the water and ready (ish) for the season’s campaign. Marmite marked her arrival by winning the Commodore’s persuit race at Chew, whilst Evo marks the wrapping up of the Arup Skiff ISAF campaign back into the fleet - launched with her heart well and truly on her sail.

Meanwhile new sitters have appeared for two of the E5's. Antidote is taking up a post at Bristol University and the Ching-Gonzalez-Ruiz's are the new owners of Exultant Jubilation.

Second hand boats are being snapped up fast. Shiny Beast and Cheese Before Bedtime are now the only boats for sale in the twin string fleet. Both are the best grin your £ can buy, see the Second Hand Boat List for more information.

Cheese Before Bedtime Shiny in Largo Bay

Don't forget you can also buy a new one from Aardvark or Bloodaxe.

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